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      1Indigenous Canadians have been treated unfairly for many years and it is sad to see that the discrimination is still ongoing.  Past examples such as the residential school system can easily demonstrate the severity of how Canadians mistreated the Indigenous people. In fact many people now call it the Residential Torture Chambers rather than schools because it was more of a place of torture than actual places of education.  Another could be how Canadians disrespected their culture which the Indigenous people use everyday.  They started doing this by trying to completely destroy the existence of their culture through the residential school system.  Racism and discrimination barely describe the types of terror they had to face even when they were doing nothing wrong.  A great example of this could be how the incarceration rates flew through the roof for Indigenous people just like the racism crisis against African Americans all those years ago.  The government has tried to make amends with the Indigenous, but it is not enough to give back the time and the feeling of safety to an entire race of people.  It makes the government look bad which is completely not what they want.  They then want to cover it up and make it seem like there is little knowledge to learn about the subject.  Within the Indigenous issue, there can be only one viewpoint and that is that Canadians treated the Indigenous with disrespect and treatment that could easily be compared to the nazis viewpoints in World War II.   The Residential schools were viewed as a haven by the government where indigenous children were taken to learn and become fruitful beings, when in actuality they were more houses in which children were assaulted physically and sometimes sexually.  Education was actually a rarity in these places because the ” Educators” there were more involved in themselves than the children who they were in charge of.  There was very minimal contact with the children’s parents and when there was some contact, it all had to be in english which     2the other family members might not understand.  This gave them the idea that they could do whatever they want in whatever way they wanted.  The Cbc states “All correspondence from the children was written in English, which many parents couldn’t read.” Diseases started to spread more and more because the children there were not yet immune to them.  This is because the diseases which they came in contact with were foreign to their native background.  They were more popular to the non-indigenous people who were able to get all the shots and special treatment which the indigenous people were denied.  As educated people, everyone should know how children cannot thrive without connecting to their environment.  The Indigenous children were not able to do this as all of their native cultures were banned by the schools rules.  Seen as how torture came more often than education and any other human connections, the children most definitely felt more like dirt than they did human beings.  Not being allowed to flourish with their own culture was bad enough for the kids who were taken away from their families but then they had to deal with the fact that rape and assault ran rampant.  Another main problem was that “When students returned to the reserve, they often found they didn’t belong. They didn’t have the skills to help their parents, and became ashamed of their native heritage.” These facts can easily be seen as a horror movie to someone who is hearing this for the first time.  However many people including the government know exactly what happened at these Residential schools but don’t try and make amends towards the culture that Canadians tried to destroy.  That’s another reason why Canada still does not treat the indigenous people with the respect and dignity that they deserve.       3The Residential schools were set up for one reason which was set up by the Canadian government and that was to eliminate the native culture from existence. This reason mostly came from the fact that the Canadian government did not like other cultures other than their own which can be seen as racism and discrimination, otherwise known as the two terrors that plague our world most of all today.  A more realistic way of saying it is “These objectives were based on the assumption Aboriginal cultures and spiritual beliefs were inferior and unequal.”  A horrible few sentences for the native people but it is the truth and a historical fact.  The Canadian government thought of the idea to take away the Native peoples children and stuff them into schools where they will never be able to practice their culture ever again.  This would then lead into the First nations people not being able to pass on their culture to their children which basically means the culture would be lost.  This is a great example of how the Canadians discriminated and hated the fact that there was more than just the british colony culture.  Numerous treaties that restricted the Indigenous peoples rights were forged long ago which lead on throughout these times.  The basic knowledge was that the Canadian government want everyone in Canada to be under British Colony culture.  Although they were completely fine about abducting thousands of children and forcing them to never speak or do anything that relates to their culture and make them go through all that while be assaulted by the torturous educators.  Our Government certainly were not nice people and should have never been able to do this without there being some punishment.  Its like they just got away with attempted murder and no one is actually caring except the person or rather people whose culture was almost killed.  One of the more popular history stories that the Canadian government uses as an excuse is that ”  The government’s actions weren’t as deplorable as      4the actions the Americans took to fight the First Nations ” which is actually not a valid excuse.  Yes the Americans did spend over 20 million dollars yearly just to fight against the Indigenous people but just because they might have done something worse than Canada did does not give Canada the right to just brush their mistake aside like they did.  They need to be confronting the fact that the Canadian government did many wrongs and the should pay for those wrongs by spending their resources trying to amend the bonds with the First Native peoples instead of discriminating them by taking away their rights. The First native people have been treated with unfairness for many years and many people would believe that Canada would not do this kind of thing nowadays, but this is incorrect.  The repression against the Indigenous people is still ongoing for many individual reasons.  Long ago the Indigenous people thrived throughout many of the lands, until the Canadian government stole some of that land to keep for themselves.  The ancestral land has been unrecognized by the government who is just using the land for oil and gas profits.  The only thing the Canadian government has tried to do is give money to the Indigenous people.  However this is not enough as the First Native people would want their home land back rather than the money which some of them might think invaluable.  The incarceration rates have increased tremendously over the last few years for the First Nations people undoubtedly because of the discrimination and racism against the Indigenous culture.  Primarily in the provinces of Manitoba, Saskatchewan, Alberta and other provinces where some Indigenous camps existent, there has been a huge percentage of new inmates who are from the Indigenous culture.  Our government even recognizes that the number of Indigenous people who are being incarcerated is increasing drastically as they stated themselves “Most of this 5growth was led by Indigenous offenders, who now comprise 46.4% of the Prairie Region inmate population. ”  There actually was an apology that was made towards the Indigenous people from the government, however this was half of an apology that would actually mean something.  Seen as how the apology only attended to the fact that the government was sorry for the residential school problem, it created even more tension with the Indigenous people as the apology left out many more issues.  The National Post came to the conclusion that “Apologies have become fashionable. But apologies help as little as money.”  This includes the land which was stolen by the Canadian government,  how the Indigenous people can feel safe after many people just tried to murder their culture, the full rights that all Indigenous people should be able to have and use, and even the assurance that something like this will not happen in the future.  The Indigenous people have the perfect right to be angry as they are discriminated against and have had their lives plus their culture at stake in the past, present, and possibly their future.Many atrocities have happened to the Indigenous people all because of how the Canadian government treated them unfairly and with disrespect.  There is no wonder why the First Nations people have a major grudge against the government and that is because of many reasons.  The government having the children of the Indigenous people taken away from their families and shoved into residential schools which can basically be called torture chambers, did not exactly put the government on a good path.  Kidnapping them and then forcing them to never practise their culture again plus not being able to speak their own language.  Hiring terrible teachers who started to assault the kids and not actually teach very    6often was a complete symbol of how the Canadian government did not care what happened to these kids.  This all led to the fact that the government wanted to annihilate the Indigenous culture from existence by stopping it at its source.  It was crossing the line when the government started thinking about how they wanted to get rid of a unique culture.  However that line was completely obliterated by the fact that they went to go and steal the kids of the Indigenous people just to get their way.  The repression of their rights and freedoms are still happening today as there are many factors to prove that the Indigenous people are treated very differently than non-natives.  When the government stole the land from the Indigenous people it crossed yet another line because the only reason they took the land was to make profit from the gas and oil in it.  Obviously money was more important than the Indigenous ownership of their homeland.  Evidence shows that the incarceration rates for the Indigenous people has been increasing more and more.  Then the apology that was made to the Indigenous people was half-hearted and was disregarding other issues.  The Canadian government was and still is most definitely not treating the Indigenous people with the same fairness as non-native people.

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