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Affirmative action was initially created to end acts of discrimination and then give every person similar or equal playing fields, but it however did the opposite. For example, today most white students despite of them having excellent grades and being qualified they are facing difficult times when getting college admissions simply because most academic institutions favor minorities. Affirmative action entirely means reverse discrimination and that is why past discrimination acts that were done against specific minority groups did not clearly justify present discrimination acts currently being committed against the non-minorities (Dave, 2015). In the United States of America, all people are totally equal to each other accordingly. Affirmative action destroys meritocracy ideas, this is because it considers race to be a very dominant factor in several collegeadmissions and workforce hiring procedures. Many affirmative action opponents feel that this particular policy is unjust morally and it simply leads to reverse discrimination. Affirmative action does not simply give majority groups unfair treatments especially in the different fields of employment and higher education, it also strongly punishesthem because of crimes which they would have not done. The only reason of implementing programmes of affirmative action is to correct all past wrongs (Dave, 2015). However, people with racist ancestors should not be charged responsible of exactly what happened thousands of years ago. Possessing racist ancestral does not mean that they have the capacity of doing the same and they treasured what happened in the past. All in all they were not there therefore it was not fault and all people should not forget that all white people were unfriendly towardsblacks back in history. Truthfully, some white people even experienced great suffering that was not even comparable to that was experienced by blacks. 

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