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Cyber-Security Software Developer


·  Applicant would
be going to work in laboratory environment on developing, executing, and troubleshooting
of test layouts.

·  Also treat identification
in an operational environment.

·  Additional to
this applicant have to deal with the designs, assess , prototype, and implementation
of various security solutions for current projects with lead engineer

$60k – $90k

·  Bachelor’s degree
in computer/electrical engineering, computer science, or software engineering.

·  Master’s degree
in a cyber security focus.

·  Strong communication
skills, supervisory and social skills.

·  2yrs of working
skills in cybersecurity.

·  Experience in
c#,c++,python ,designing API’s

·  Testing and debugging

·  Expertise in
communication network protocol (TCP/IP,UDP)

·  Proficiency in
UML designs.




Security Specialist


·    Candidates
eligible for the position will get to gain a experience in work field of
various public sector organization.

·    Candidates
are expected to work on the security solution for member’s critical systems.

·    Also, need
to keep the credential statics of the customers and able to complete the
network penetration test, dynamic analysis, reporting , and analyze data.

·    Moreover
required to learn enthusiastically the latest hacking approaches.

$42k- $88k

upon the skills)


·  Degree or
diploma in computer science or computer 
technology with more access to cyber security.

·  CISSP and
SANS GIAC certification.

·  Skills of IT
security and governance frameworks

·  Skills of
security information and events management(SIEM) software.

·  Assimilation
of cyber security services and solutions including architecturing,
configuration and installation.

·  5 yrs in
security techno logy implementation and troubleshooting across all computer platforms

·  5 or more
years required of combined IT and security work expeience.

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