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Critique of the presentations from the chapters
three, nine and ten.


                In this essay I will discuss the
different presentations debated in class from chapter three, “Intercultural
communication”, chapter nine, “Communicating in groups” and chapter ten, “Group
leadership and problem solving”.

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                Chapter three: Intercultural
communication is a discipline that studies the way people from different
cultures communicate with each other. How a person with a certain professional
knowledge, knows, interacts, understands and deals with another person from
another country, it is said that he or she dominates relationships between
cultures. Eventually in our life we are going to work with professionals from
very diverse cultures and the communication between us can result somehow
challenging. Without any doubt, it is worth acquiring a practical knowledge of
the culture of a country before trying to do business. It can be much more
valuable than learning the same language, in most of the world, business is
done in English.

                Another thing to considered are
co-cultures which are groups of people within a larger culture that hold common
values, beliefs, attitudes that are different from the dominant culture. Some
of the co-cultures that exist are for example race, ethnicity, sex and gender,
sexual orientation, religion, socioeconomic status, age and disability.


                Chapter nine: Communicating in
groups is what happens when a group of people make up an identifiable special
unit and carry out the transfer of messages for the interaction, coexistence
and development of the group in search of compliance with its objectives. Group
communication occurs in meetings between the members of a department,
committee, working group, project team and another group united for a common

When communication is
group is effective, it can result in a very productive and very united team.
You can establish long and lasting relationships that can achieve new feats.

Within a healthy group
there is a climate of acceptance, affection and real security. In a healthy
group there is a climate of reciprocal sympathy; its members try to perceive,
to really “feel” one another, with his deepest needs, and to
stimulate his qualities.


Chapter eleven:

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