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Mason is a
South African artist who was born in Pretoria in 1938. She is considered one of
the most well known South African artists.

Mason went to
the University of Witwatersrand and received a BA Degree in Fine Art.

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She had her first
solo exhibition in 1964 at Gallery 101 in Johannesburg.

Mason taught
both drawing and the history of art from 1963 until 1978 at the University of
Witwatersrand and then she moved to Italy where she taught at Scuola Lorenzo
de’ Medici from 1989 until 1991.

She used many
different methods and techniques in her artworks because of how talented she
(18 January 2018)


Sadly Mason
passed away on the 28th of December 2016.

She said, “I paint in order to make sense of my life, to
manipulate various chaotic fragments of information and impulse into some sort
of order, through which I can glimpse a hint of meaning. I am an agnostic
humanist possessed of religious curiosity who regards making artworks as akin
to alchemy. To use inert matter on an inert surface to convey real energy and
presence seems to me a magical and privileged way of living out my days.”1

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I chose to do research on
Judith Mason because I draw to make sense of what I am going through in my
life, I add meaning to my artworks that not many people would understand, I
want the viewers of my artworks look into what my artworks could mean and they
feel certain emotions.

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