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Culture and business factors have a significant
influence on how people interact on a global and local level. I have a unique
perspective as both a global and local citizen. Globally, I traveled abroad
extensively for two years prior to enrolling at Georgia Southern. I understand
how cultures effect businesses and communities. I worked in Milan, Italy,
London, England, Mexico City, Mexico and traveled throughout each country and
in Switzerland. I experienced firsthand the vast cultural and business
differences in each of these countries on a global level.   

Communication has an impact on the way cultures
and businesses operate. Each culture has a different viewpoint and way of
communicating. Some countries depend on low context communication by having
lots of information provided. Some examples include signs, maps and manuals.

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Other countries depend on high context communication which is more dependent on
background and learning by doing.

When negotiating contracts some countries prefer
‘old school’ written agreements while others depend on a handshake or verbal
agreement. Understanding globally how negotiations are viewed is important to
be able to compete on a global level. 

Communication can be accomplished in many ways
like talking to someone in a business meeting in person, or online, or on a
call. When clients want to communicate with me from overseas we must Facetime
and that is now a way that is globally acceptable to advance business. The world
we live in today relies heavily on communication within global cultures and businesses.

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