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A full building survey is a detailed and extensive appraisal of a property’s condition and construction. It is one of a few types of survey available; but is the most typical form of survey for residential clients. Building surveys are undertaken to inform property owners of the condition of their property, determining all faults and risks and calculating any expenditure that may occur for renovation work, enabling them to develop the appropriate maintenance or restoration plans.

 They are beneficial to a variety of clients such as home buyers, homeowners and property investors, as they help to determine all aspects for prospective investments.?We present our reports as detailed specifications that provide details on all accessible elements of the property at a particular point in time, together with comprehensive recommendations and appropriate strategies of dealing with any issues that have been observed during the survey.?Full building surveys are recommended for all properties due to the level of technicality, but are particularly appropriate for:?Listed buildingsOlder buildings (usually 50 years old or more)Buildings with upcoming redevelopment or renovationBuildings that have previously been renovated, altered or redevelopedBuildings with unique or unusual designs or construction featuresBuildings that are to be purchased??A standard building survey will cover many different areas of the property, however we discuss with our clients what they require and whether they have specific concerns or interests in certain elements. These highlighted elements are addressed with added focus to ensure the report not only details general fields but also specifies details of these concerns so our clients receive a report tailored to their requirements.??The most common aims of a building survey include:?Documenting the present condition of the propertyIdentifying causes of deteriorationIdentifying matters that need attention to preempt problems or serious damage in the futurePresenting conservation and maintenance requirements Providing and estimate of the cost of any adaptation that may be required?

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