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Charisse Goodman wrote a piece entitled, “A Picture is Worth A Thousand Diets.

” In it, she points out the fact that media portrays large women in a negative way, while at the same time glorifying thin women. One can easily see support for her argument by taking a trip to the local book store and looking in the magazine section. Everywhere you look there are scantily clothed women with thin bodies who are proclaimed as beautiful. One rarely sees heavy set women on the front cover of any magazine. The same thing is done in television commercials, movies, and social media sites. This sends the message to women that if they are not thin, they are not beautiful.

This simply is not true. All throughout this article huge amounts of illustrations were given from several communication sources. Such illustrations were pulled from TV, movies, magazines, advertisements, and daily papers.

Huge numbers in each of these showed the view “where the only valuable woman is a thin woman, while big woman function primarily shrewish, silly, asexual mommy figures or cheap jokes.” (Goodman) This is the annoying reality that woman need to confront each day. Plus it calls attention to the fact that a woman’s appearance is by and large more vital to a man than her identity. Men in the media are normally shown as positive, with no attention on their weight or appearance. Goodman stated that, “The male-dominated film industry never misses an opportunity to remind us that men should always be loved for themselves.”Goodman’s article continues to rant about the observation against overweight woman in the present society despite the fact that some may feel her article is exceptionally stubborn. It is also very genuine.

Some may feel she is energetic about this point and is endeavoring to open the eyes of others that don’t see the genuine offensiveness of an obese woman. Overweight women are generally discriminated against when they really shouldn’t be because every person is made the same.

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