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10 Things to be Kept in Mind While Pursuing LLM AbroadStudents belonging from different background have a different motivation when they think of pursuing a postgraduate degree. But whatever be the motivation, pursuing LLM abroad is a big decision in the life of every law student which is taken after a lot discussion and thoughts. The trouble of an applicant doesn’t end here. In fact, those who decide to go for it, have a plethora of challenges and impediments waiting for them.They do whatever needs to be done and do it to the best of their abilities, be it seeking assistance from seniors, guidance from faculty and counselling from their peers, they do it all.When all these procedures end most of the candidates are content with the outcome. Some, however, feel that they could have secured an admission at a better place, only if they had a clearer picture of the process.This article aims at providing LLM aspirants with a frame of reference. A unified step-by-step guide so as to ease the aspirants by not making them scamper around each and everything.1.   Figuring out what you want to do.Whether you want to study one subject i.e. do a specialization, or study in a specific university, or study in a particular country/ geographical region. Candidates should first be well informed and have the right guidance, they must be specific not only about the subject they want to study but the university they want to study it from.2. Making an exhaustive list of universities and/ or programs being offered.If you decide to specialize make the list of universities across the globe which offer a specialized degree program in the legal topic. If you decide to choose a specific university then, make a list of the various degree programs being offered by the decided university. And, if you decided on a particular country or region then, make a list of various universities in that region as well as various degree programs offered.This step will ensure that all the bases are covered3. Researching and gathering information.The agenda of this step is to acquire maximum information possible about the course, the university and other related aspects. In short, the more you know about the facets, the better it will be. For specialization, the next step to do after making the list of universities is to check ranking for each university from multiple sources. Checking rankings of different universities is a good step but it should not be the sole influence because with the advent of commercialization, many universities pay surveyors a ‘token of appreciation’ in exchange of favourable ranking is not undisclosed. The structure of the course also needs to be looked into- whether the curriculum is flexible or rigid, modules being taught, the faculty and their reputation all this data should be gathered.                                                        For a specific university, you need to choose which program best suits your needs and interests. If there is no specific preference, then either the most renowned course on offer or the subject with the best faculty should be chosen.For a specific region, all the steps mentioned above need to be followed.The only word of caution here is that the source(s) should be reliable, knowledgeable and most importantly related.4. Elimination and shortlistingThe research done allows separating wheat from the chaff. The next step is to make a final shortlist of maximum eights universities. Being spoilt for choice, in this particular case, can lead to difficult circumstances that one should rather avoid. And also, a higher number of applications means higher will be the costs involved. In the final shortlist, choices should be a high, medium and low target. This a safe and a watertight technique which allows you to gamble calculably.5. Timelines and deadlinesKeeping a note of timelines is an important step because universities tend to have different admission cycles and the application period for some places even ends before it commences for others. Keeping a sharp eye on deadlines will allow you to be step-ahead.6. Making the applicationA master application mainly consists of 4 elements viz. Statement of Purpose (SoP), Letter(s) of Recommendation, Curriculum Vitae and English language certificate. The post-graduation in law is unlike another profession, it does not involve personal interviews. so, the student’s candidature is significantly pivoted on the SoP. Its importance cannot be emphasized enough. Making SoP replica of CV is absolutely suicidal. Though SoP has elements mentioned in the CV and vice versa, yet it should cover aspects beyond the CV’s scope. The purpose of LoRs is two-fold, it serves as an authentication of the contents mentioned in the SoP and CV, and also highlights, from a third person point of view, the potential a candidate possesses.7.    Scholarships for international studentsTalk to your respective universities regarding finances which can be made available for your studies or else you can also find financial aids in the form of a scholarship for studying abroad from some external charities.         8. Student accommodationUniversities often help you in finding accommodation facilities. So, before leaving do contact your universities to finalize your accommodation.9.     Bag Packing.Ensure that you are carrying all the documents and visas that will allow you to study in the country you want. Do carry and read travel books of the country you are visiting. The shape of electrical plug differs between continents, electric adapters are one of the essential things to be carried10.     Register yourself.The first thing to do as you arrive is to get yourself registered with the internal affair ministry within 24 to 48 hours. It will help you to legalize your stay in the country and may also help you in getting temporary residency later. However, you need to understand the rules of that country thoroughly. Getting registered in Indian embassy will also be of great values there you will find people with whom you would be able to have a conversation in Indian language and that will somewhat reduce the homesick feeling. In addition, they organize a variety of programs related to Indian culture which will make you stay connected with the culture as well as will be a form of entertainment.Decidinging to do masters has far reaching, short and long term, implications. Therefore, it requires significant amount of time, money, energy, resources and planning. Not knowing the such minute details may even deter the future of the applicants. This article intends to empower applicants to be able to make good life changing decision.

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