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Define a Tissue.

A tissue is a group of cells that are specialized to do
particular function. A group tissue forms an organ. Tissues in human beings are
classified into four types epithelium, connective tissue, muscle, and nervous

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2. Classify the tissues and give one
function for each.

 As we said before Tissues
in human beings are classified into four types epithelium, connective tissue,
muscle, and nervous tissue.

Epithelial tissue is a
group of cells covering the internal and external surface throughout our body. They
are found in organs, respiratory tract, and digestive tract. They help in
diffusion of substances, even in protecting organs and also helps in absorbing
of nutrients and in secretion of enzymes and hormones. Epithelial tissue is two
type either epithelia or gland. Glands are cells that are specialized to secrete
secretion either into the duct or in body fluid directly.

Connective tissue are those
tissues that can either connect or separate tissues. They can be found any
where in our body since they are most abundant and widely disturbed. They are
made of ground substance, fibers and cells. They have many function like
protecting the tissues and organs, transportation (diffusion) such like oxygen
from blood vessels to cells. In addition to that it also stores fat, which also
help in insulation. As well as they help in binding of substance and support
the organs or tissues.

Muscle tissue include all
the muscles in our body. Muscles are classified into three types, first skeletal
muscles which helps in attaching the tendons to the bone. Second smooth muscle
can help move food along our digestive tract; they also help in flowing blood
along the arteries. Last the cardiac muscle or striated muscle found in
the wall of the heart which helps in pumping blood to the rest of the body.

Nervous tissues are found
in the nerve system which includes brain, spinal cord peripheral nerves which
help in regulating body function and activity. Which are made of neurones which
helps in conducting impulse. Nervous tissue is grouped into four types: gray
matter and white matter in the brain, and nerves and ganglia in the peripheral nervous system. The main
difference between grey and white matter is that axons of the neurons in gray
matter are unmyelinated, while white matter is myelinated. Myelin is a white,
fatty substance that insulates neurons and is crucial for nervous system

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