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1.     What are the factors that contributed to the successand failure of any technopreneur?Themost successful technopreneurs know how to learn from others. They ask for advice and are flexible. They take in the exceptional practices around them like a sponge, worry of failure can make it smooth to grip onto their vision withan iron fist but pressure may not servethem.Following are the factors contributed towardssuccess: Passion The most successful technopreneurs share the same trait. They’re obsessed with what they do. Passion is what turns a technopreneur into a successful enterprise leader.

If you’re driven by passion you won’t give up, no matter how long the adventure and you preserve knowledge continuously. Purpose Technopreneurs have a sense of purpose at the foundation of all that they do from hiring employees to attracting the right traders to their marketing and their customer support. That sense of purpose breeds the sense of belonging. It sparks excessive worker and customer loyalty. Network & Collaboration Technopreneurs must use their property to create a social community that would be beneficial for their enterprise.

By being a member of networks or associations, technopreneurs can gain advantages like getting advice from various bodies, accessibility to resources and a supply of creativity. Technical Understanding As a technopreneur, it is vital to be tech-oriented. No one is saying that you have to be a coding expert but rather to put money into your technical competencies and apprehend the dynamics of your market.  Followingare the factors contributed towards failure: Failure is an asset Because of technopreneurs curiosity, one of the biggest regrets they will have is not trying and hence wondering what if.

 This longing for knowledge and answers provides us with the tools to not only understand how to run businesses better but also what to avoid. As long as we are learning, technopreneurs become more valuable with each and every failure. Failure should not be confused with quitting For many technopreneurs, the concern of failure is rooted in a fear of being perceived as a quitter. The fact is that if you have poured your power selflessly into an endeavor only to walk away after extinguishing all options available to you, you’ll have earned infinitely more respect than the ones who have in no way attempted.

Nobody wants you to fail The reality is that nobody wants you to fail in your effort. All stakeholders from lenders to suppliers to customers. All have a vested interest in your commercial enterprise and your success. If you have evolved strong relationships via honesty and transparency, maximum of your partners will work with you through difficult times.

Mutual achievement benefits everyone involved.   Decision Making As the business starts to grow it becomes more and more critical for technopreneur to make decisions on every level. The genuine value of business planning and basic leadership is to distinguish the difficulties and plan around them before they happen instead of getting caught unaware by them when the business is already set in motion.  2.How do you see yourself as a technopreneur? The world we are livingright now is full of technology as a matter of fact it is now part of ourlife. Technopreneur is an entrepreneur that engages in a High-Technologyrelated business.

Every one of us needs to earn money to supply our needs inorder to survive in this world. There are so many ways to earn money and one ofthem is to build a business. My father’s also atechnopreneur. In 1990, he opened his own IT Company. He took a risk, wentthrough the motions of uncertainty and stress, worked a second job to supportboth his family and business, grew his customer base, hired people,gave IT services as well as products and was ultimately accountable for his ownsuccess. Like my father, many small business owners don’t embrace theiridentity as technopreneurs. On the other hand, youprobably know someone who wears the title with pride.

I’ve heard some peopleexclude those who own side businesses as realtechnopreneurs and let’s not forget the technopreneurialtendencies people can have without owning a business that manycompanies today look for in the people they hire.As for me in terms oftechnopreneurship, I want to follow the path of my father. He’s my mentor. Ishould have the quality of risk taker because in an IT field, you must riskeverything to gain profit, you can make your business grow faster and if itworks, you gain employees and produce a high quality of products and services.It can also make you a famous person in the near future like Steve Jobs andBill Gates experienced in their times until today. If there will be an incoming vendors orprojects who want to invest, I will not focus on things that can harm mybusiness instead I will look for the good possibilities that will cause ininvesting that kind of project. I should be creative enough to start a newbusiness.

Products alone will not be sold even if it is in a high quality, ITservices will be given too. I must have the charisma like Steve Jobs had. EvenSteve Jobs failed. He had to face his customers while communicating. As a good technopreneur, I should have thecapability to communicate with other technopreneurs. They can help me in timeswhen I face problems in business. They can also be my mentor in order to makebusiness grow.

Also partnership will contribute to the growth and success ofthe business. 

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