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tell me about yourself?

 I am currently
studying towards a bachelor’s degree in business management – marketing and
hope to attain a master’s degree in human resources in the future.

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whether you like to work independently or in a team. Give one example of when
you worked in a team?

I like to work both independently and in a team. In my
marketing course in my first semester of college I had to work in a team to assess
the 4Ps of a certain hotel


how your post-secondary education has prepared you for this job?

I feel that college is preparing me
for real-life situations and jobs. Challenging courses have trained me unique skills
and that the answers will not always come easy to me. Through courses like this
I have learned how to solve complex problems and that good outcomes take hard
work. Many of my experience have also given me the opportunity to get an understanding
of situations first hand and educated me on how to come up with the best



me what you consider to be your major strength(S) and explain how your
strength(S) would add value to the company if hired?

My strength is my flexibility to
handle dynamic change and teamwork skills,


a difficult work situation/project you were involved with, and explain how you
dealt with the situation


me about your greatest weakness

biggest weakness is accounting; I find it very challenging and difficult,
however I always try to better myself by going to an accounting help centre and
asking my instructors questions about topics I don’t fully understand. I also feel that my leadership skills could be
stronger, and I am constantly working to improve them

me about your greatest achievement.

My greatest achievement was

are your goals for the next five to ten years? How do you plan to achieve them?

My goal right now is to finish my education and to find a
position at a company where I can develop and take on new challenges over time. I want to work somewhere where
I’ll have chances to develop my skills and work with people I can learn from. Eventually,
I’d like to take on more management duties and get involved in product development. But most importantly, I want to work for an organization where I can form a career.


would you deal with conflict in the workplace?

I dealt with conflict with another person by using effective
communication. During my volunteering work at Doha Film Festival, I worked with
a colleague who was not interested in co-ordination. This created conflict for
the job. After I saw him continuously not doing his part, I decided to talk to him,
I kindly let him know that he was not completing his responsibilities and that
it was creating a distraction for the team. After talking about if for a couple
of minutes, he valued my point of view and we developed a trusting link. I no
longer had to worry about him missing his deadlines again.


should I hire you?

have all of the skills and experience that you’re considering, I feel
like this job description was written for me and I’m confident that I would be
ideal for this human resource assistant role. It’s not just my
background and successful projects or my communication skills, which have
helped me develop great relationships with family and work colleagues. But I’m
also avid
about this industry and I’m very motivated to deliver outstanding work.

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