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1)      Teacher as a learner

        Teaching and Learning is a continuous process and wherein strategies may differ with the moving generations. Though we find many changes in the education system, but the role of a teacher will remain the same but with slight changes. The teacher’s job is to convince the student that education fulfills the need and learning in the classroom. A Teacher has to think from the learners’ perspective before she plans to interact with the students. When a teacher plans with the learners’ perspective and starts teaching, students can receive the information without any hesitation in grasping the things.

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2)      Teacher as a facilitator

                    It is very significant that students should sense that their teacher’s concern about them and thus teacher should become the best facilitator to the students in all the aspects. As a facilitator she has to direct and support students in learning for themselves as a self-explorer. Teachers should develop best learning environment which reflects the students’ life in societal, intellectual and linguistic occurrences. As a facilitator, a teacher should lay a strong foundation for their personal growth.

3)      Teacher as an assessor

                    As a Teacher, assessing is one of the important tools for extracting students’ knowledge by giving continuous feedback. Teacher’s role is not complete just by teaching a lesson. Assessing is the effective tool for making students learning perfect. A Teacher before assessing a student has to first assess their own conclusions, as to what extent a student will be benefitted with their correct assessment. These assessments can be carried out through verbal feedback, by conducting quizzes, by giving some tasks etc. An assessment makes a teacher plan for her future teaching techniques and in guiding them to master their language.

4)      Teacher as a manager

                    Teacher’s role as a manger is a very significant and imperative role in managing a class. A Teacher has to plan well in advance regarding handling the classes within the stipulated time, covering academics as well as interpersonal skills with various teaching techniques which is obviously a path to practical approach. An experienced teacher can manage the timings according to their own experience. Perfect classroom management by a teacher using the major mechanisms will lead to the success of teaching-learning methods.

5)      Teacher as an evaluator

                    As everyone is aware that evaluation plays a prominent role to a teacher’s success. Evaluation is a subjective process, which is related to academics. Teacher has to be an effective evaluator while evaluating the student. True and fair evaluation should be done by a teacher in order to do justice to a student’s career. A student has a wide scope of learning from the mistakes committed. As an evaluator a student should also be focused on the areas of competence rather than on the weaknesses and every student should adhere to positive expectations.

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