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In order to
understand the company and its industry, a situation analysis has to be
conducted. The aim of it is to provide general information about the company,
analyze its internal and external situation as well as competitors, and provide
relevant theoretical foundations which are used in comparison with a conducted
empirical research to suggest managerial solutions for the company.

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1.1. General
Information About the Company

UAB “BAA Training” has had experience in aviation
training for more than 20 years. It belongs to the “Avia Solutions Group” which
is an international, publicly traded aviation holding company and has over 20
subsidiaries worldwide. Its headquarters is located in Vilnius, Lithuania and
the company is one of the market’s leading providers in the maintenance of
airplanes and helicopters, aviation staff training and recruitment, ground handling
and fueling, aviation IT solutions, private charter flights, UAV inspections,
airport management and tourism. UAB “BAA Training” has its representative
offices in Bangkok, Jakarta, London, Warsaw and Moscow. The company offers full
flight simulator trainings all around the world (Africa, Asia, Europe, North
and South America). Currently the company has 29 locations where the training
can be completed on a partnership basis. The headquarters has got a training
center with two full flight simulators of Airbus A320 and Boeing 737 Classic.
Recently, the company purchased two Airbus A320 and one Boeing 737 NG full
flight simulators which are going to be added to the headquarters to meet the
growing number of students every year. It is estimated that 650 students will
enroll to “BAA Training” by the end of 2021. The company also provides various
solutions for training centers worldwide. UAB “BAA Training” annual turnover
was 8.182.2257 Eur in 2014, 9.447,097 Eur in 2015 and 11.412,676 Eur in 2016. The
growing numbers every year in annual turnover show that company is financially
stable and performs well. 

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