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#1 University of Johannesburg , South Africa

I feel so honoured
taking an opportunity to your exchange student programme. On the other hand, it’s
challenging for me at first thinking about which University or country that
suits me best to put as my priority. After doing a long research about University
of Johannesburg and the Johannesburg city itself by surfing on the internet in
order to know deeper about their culture, I decided to choose South Africa as
my 1st priority and I’m serious about my decision . Many people are not
sure when I told them that I’m going to stay there for several months If I get
accepted, most of them are fear of my safety. Johannesburg is the largest city
in South Africa. They have so much to offer residents and tourists
alike. There’s a unique and vibrant atmosphere there, an energy that never
experienced anywhere else . South
Africa and Indonesia, both are countries that have a rich culture, arts, races,
and ethnicities. One of my vision and mission if I get accepted is to introduce
the culture of Indonesia. Examples are, I’ll wear clothes that presented
Indonesian cultures such as batik and kebaya, also I’ll bring Indonesian foods
to be introduced to Africans and let them try it. I also won’t forget to learn
their culture, build my knowledge, also improve my education to be taught back
again in Indonesia. Learning
from your brochure and advertisement, you have a great reviews by the alumni
and also high accredited. That’s what makes me having no doubt. Also
the environment that have facilities to support for their students, and the
people are also friendly so that I can share for each other cultures and
experiences as well. I believe that University of Johannesburg could help me to
improve myself, gain my experiences, and also jump into the next level of studying
by enhancing my education. With the high quality of studying method that
Johannesburg is offering to the student. Confidently, I’m sure it’ll also help me to get a decent job in
the future. I’m sure that I can adapt with the
situation there and be a good participant. So, that’s all about the reason why I took South Africa as my 1st

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#2 Sungkyunkwan
University, South Korea

Study abroad
is one of my dreams since I was in Junior High School. I
found that by studying overseas we can get not only about the education benefit
but it is also a rapid way to improve ourselves. Especially, language skills. Nothing
is better than to learn language by the native speakers. Because we can
practice with the locals about what we study at school. So, it’s very useful to
improve our listening and speaking skills. It also offer chances to discover
new cultures, way of thinking, history, customs, and lifestyles. Knowing that Sungkyunkwan
is one of the top Private University in South Korea, also located in a
strategic city which is in Seoul (the capital city of South Korea), I feel no
hesitate. They collaborates closely with many other institute internationally.
And it gets me interested because I would be able to study business and learn cultures
with many other exchange students from all around the world simultaneously in the
best university in South Korea. Looking at their reviews, they got so many
successful notable alumni. South Korea is famous with their fascinating
lifestyles. They have so many hard worker and ambitious people. I wish that I
could get contagion to be a hard worker person too if I get accepted. That’s
why I decided South Korea to be my second priority. Now I am majoring
Management Global Class, and a starter business woman. I always admire the
country of South Korea, I think it has a great environment structure for a
university life. Previously, I have never been to South Korea, And I always
wanted to. So, business school in Seoul is going to be right up my alley.
Although I know it’s a big challenge for me at first. But I’m sure I’m going to
make it, and be a good participant. due to my experience I am a fast – adapted
person and an  independent woman.


#3 National
Sun-Yat Sen University , Taiwan

Taiwan is a
historical country that is rich in culture, ethnic groups, and large in economy.
The cultures of Taiwan are a hybrid blend of various sources, incorporating
elements of traditional Chinese culture, Japanese culture, traditional
Confucianist beliefs, and increasingly Western values. I would love to learn
the Taiwanese culture which is pretty complex and appealing. Also I will learn the
basic of mandarin directly with the Taiwanese, and I won’t forgot to introduce
Indonesian culture to Taiwanese because that’s an obligation of every exchange
students. My plan is to present a traditional Indonesian song for Taiwan
because Taiwanese people are very passionate about music. And I hope they’ll enjoy.
Taiwan is a country that well known for their citizen who are smart, hard
worker, Independent, and never give up. Taiwanese are very concerned about
education, they have a high standard of education system that was established
by China which mixed with the features of  the Chinese and American educational systems.
Taiwan is also a country with the largest economy, it goes with the major that
I’m taking which is  Business Management.
I believe that Taiwan will be a great economy teacher for me, I’m going to learn
about the method and strategy they use in business to be implemented in
Indonesia. The Taiwanese education system has been praised for various reasons
including its comparatively high test results and its major role in ushering Taiwan’s
economic development while creating one of the world’s most highly educated
workforces. I believe that Taiwan would taught me many things academically and
non – academically as well, also enhance my knowledge. Their value will be a
great role model for me who still need much improvement for my skills and ability.
I believe that pursuing to study in National Sun Yat-Sen  will allow me to learn not just in the
classes, but also the challenges of day-to-day life in a foreign country. I’ll become more independent by learning new skills that I
never experienced before in my country to be taught back again in Indonesia.  Simply because I’ll be
immersed in a completely different environment that will push me to my limits.
I’m really passionate about studying in
National Sun-Yat Sen University which is the best public university there. Also
located in a strategic city called Kaohsiung (the 3rd largest city
in Taiwan). It is Highly accredited and also they have a great reviews by the
alumnis. It’s really a big chance for me and I won’t let me to dissipate,
because It will help me a lot for my future. By studying abroad, I’ll also boosting my resume for the future. And the skills
I learned while abroad will helped me in the job market. That’s it about the
reason why I put Taiwan as my 3rd priority of host-University

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