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General Introduction

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This is a modern age of 21thcentury, Technology is growing
day by day. In the sector of Smartphone there is a huge change. We all have
Smartphone on our hands. We can do everything from our own Smartphone
within a less time. For example,
watching movies online, downloading files, booking tickets and many more. To
facilitate users, every Smartphones provide assistant now a day which is
virtual assistant, which is also called Google Assistant. Google assistant
works under our voice commands. Android Assistant is a powerful app that take
care all the system related task on our android device and improve our android
phone’s performance. (Mundhra, 2017)

Assistant is an intelligent
personal application for android mobile devices which is developed
by Speaktoit. It
was launched in October 2011 for the android platform.  Assistant had
since come to android and Windows Phones. Assistant used natural language
understanding and voice recognition to interact with its users. We can perform various
tasks like control our smart home devices, Calendar events, ask questions set,
and much more. Which make the devices easy and simple to use. (BIERSDORFER,

Current Scenario    

assistant is the latest version of Google now. At first it was only available
in Android 4.1 Jelly Bean on 2012.Google Assistant is not available on 5.0 Lollipop or lower
version but it is available on Android 7.0 Nougat, 6.0 Marshmallow and latest
version 8.0 Oreo. Google Assistant was first launched inside Google’s own
smartphones, Google pixel and Google pixel XL. Google assistant is just
upgraded version of Google now. Assistant perform most of the things almost the same and is activated
with the same ‘Ok Google’ voice command or pressing home button for a second. (Maharjan,







Uses of Google Assistant

Google assistant on

Google Assistant on smart watches

Google Assistant on smart home devices

Google Assistant on Android TV

Assistant on cars


Google assistant on

Figure 1: Android Assistant on Smartphone  (Maharjan,

Google assistant is not available on all smartphone. We can perform various functions such as schedule
Calendar events, ask Assistant to navigate to the nearest mall, and play music,
all just by using your voice. Samsung galaxy S7 edge, Samsung galaxy S8+,
HTC U Ultra LG G6 etc. are the some examples of the smartphones which has got
Android Assistant (Google Assistant). (Looper, 2017)


2.1.2)  Google Assistant on smart watches

Figure 2: Android Assistant on Smart watch (Looper, 2017)

Google assistant in also now available on different smart watches.
Google has just released a new version of smart watch operating system. Smart
watch also have same feature like in smartphone. The new features on smart
watch voice- active assistant would attract more people.  (BBC News, 2018)

2.1.3) Google
Assistant on smart home devices

Google assistant is now also available on smart home
Google Assistant is one of the best way to controlling Smart home devices.
Google is adding voice commands to assistant to make it easier and faster.
Assistant can controls the light, control fans Air conditioners and many mores. (Schoon, 2017)


2.1.4) Google
Assistant on Android TV

As like Google assistant on smartphone, smart watch Google assistance
work same function in TV. Sony Company announced that the latest television
will be 4K HDR with Google is enable by pushing the button or by
voice commands. It allows search a content, play music, control their TV etc. (nytimes,


2.1.5) Google
Assistant on cars

Assistant is also available on car. The system is under development. It have
also a voice features It also perform various function like navigating, route
finding, playing music and many more. It makes easier to drivers. (Looper, 2017)


2.2) Elaboration with

There are a lot of smartphone devices which has got
Google Assistant Some of the example are Samsung Galaxy S7 , Samsung Galaxy
S8+, Samsung galaxy Note 8 , Google pixel Xl , etc. are some smart phone with
Google Assistant which are available in Nepal. Bluetooth 4.0 watch, Samsung
Gear S2, Samsung Gear S3, G2 Smart watch etc. (Technology, n.d.) are some examples of
Smart watches which are available in Nepal. Google Pixel and Google pixel XL
are the first phone to get Google Assistant which is the own product of Google.

Figure 3: Google Assistant (Looper, 2017)

Current scenario in Nepal

The use of Smartphone’s in
Nepal is increasing day by day. Google assistant was recently launched in
Nepal. First, it was only available only on Samsung galaxy S7 or above devices.
Now it is also available for different low cost android which is greater than
android 6.0 or above. People are slowly getting to know about it and its work.
Not all but some people in Nepal used android assistant to search different things.
People also use Google assistant for learning and for fun by listening
different sound or playing different games. According to context of Nepal, Google
assistant is not available in smart home devices android TV’s and in car but it
is available on different Smartphone’s and in different smart watches .Assistant
on Smartphone’s and smart watch work as a same function. As a fact Assistant on
our smart watch will prevent us from pulling our phone out of our pocket.  (Maharjan, 2017)


3) Implementation

Assistant can be implemented in various sectors in Nepal.

3.1) on Cars

Google Assistant on car is
not available in the context of Nepal. It will takes several year to implement
in Nepal. But Google Assistant should be available in not only cars it should
be available on public bus, vans etc. show that people can easily know the
exact place where they are. Assistant on car should be easy to use and should
be user friendly. It should show length, different traffics on the way. By this
we can implement in Nepal.

3.2) on home devices

According to the context of
Nepal Google assistant is not available on home devices. We can use Google
Assistant on home device in various ways so that we can control our home
devices easily through our smartphones easily. By giving commands we can
control our devices. There should be voice recognizing system so that no other
can access directly without permission.


3.3) Plan of the

Assistant on smart watch and
smartphones is already available but assistant on android TV’s car and home
device is not available in Nepal. To implement assistant on car in Nepal we
have to set every road location in map, there should be high range GPS and high
range Wi-Fi which can be access in any location or any part of the country and
should be made to work in any language and should be user friendly.

To implement Assistant on
home there should be available of smart devices for example smart door, smart window,
smart light smart fans etc. Micro phone, speaker should be connected with high
speed internet.  (Google Assistant SDK, 2018)












4.1) Summary

above reports, we can conclude that we can use Google assistant in various
ways. We can use Google Assistant in different sectors like in Smartphones,
smart watch, cars different home devices and in smart android TV’s. Google
Assistant really make our work easier and faster. We can learn many things
freely by fun with the help of Google Assistant. Google Assistant is not
available on 5.0
Lollipop or lower version but it is available on Android 7.0 Nougat, 6.0
Marshmallow and latest version 8.0 Oreo. Google pixel XL, Samsung galaxy S8+,
Samsung Galaxy S7 etc. are mobile device and Samsung Gear S2, Samsung Gear S3, G2
Smart watch etc. are smart watch where Google assistant is available. Google is
further planning to implement on car and home devices.

 4.2) Future escalation

Google Assistant is getting
smarter day by day. It not only support one language it supports different
language. In future it can help us to control our entire digital life. Google
assistant is coming to different home devices and car near future. We will be
able to control our home or car through a Google assistant (Reigh, 2018) . Google assistant
will be available in different languages. Which will be very easy to use. With
the help of Google assistant we will be able to control android TV,
smartphones, car short period of time.

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