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enjoy spending time outdoors, so I took an Outdoor Trip Leadership class in
college that trained me on how to organize and supervise canoeing, backpacking
and hiking trips.

don’t drink alcohol, and I have never had a single alcoholic drink in my life.

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grew up in a joint family in a house with 10 people. As a result, my first job
out of college; reporting to multiple managers was not unusual at all. My
family is full of different personalities and strengths, and it has taught me a
lot about how to build relationships in one’s personal and professional life.

4.     I love buying pretty stationary items. The
most exciting part of a new year is a new planner, which I believe leads to
higher productivity levels. Honestly, you can never have enough cards or

my first year at Earlham College, I was the leader of the stage designing team
of TedxRichmond 2013, which was an independently organized TED event
led by a group of students.

6.     I
left my hometown when I was 16 years old to attend a high school three thousand
miles away. I have learned the
importance of travelling far and wide, even when packing my bags and waiting in
line at JFK is the last thing I want to do.

to learn, even if you disagree. One of my New Year Resolutions for 2018 is to
try to listen more than I talk, including listening more to my intuition.

has always been one of my greatest passions. When I was 10, my first letter to
the editor got published in a Disney Kids’ magazine in Pakistan. I still try to
write in my free time! 

are few remedies as powerful as a hot water tub with candles and bath bombs.

10.  I graduated from a liberal arts college that
allowed me to challenge myself without being confined to one department, which
allowed me to take classes in multiple departments and that made me realize
that careers are fluid. I always remain competitive, aware of my options, but
grateful for what I have. 

11.  I
loved volunteering at a student run coffee shop at my college. It was called
Rose City Co-op and I was known for making the best lattes!

12.  In 2014, I was nominated as the sole student
representative of Earlham College Budget Advisory Committee where I along with
other committee members reviewed student and faculty recommendations for the
college’s annual budget of $50 million.

13.  I add Sriracha sauce to almost everything I
eat (except desserts).

I returned home from school
one afternoon, my mother told me that our fifteen-year-old maid would not be
working for us anymore. I was silenced in horror when I was told that she was
leaving us because she was getting married that weekend, to a man Parveen had
never seen before. Hopeless and angered, I could only see her giving birth and
registering to the needs of her husband for the 

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