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1.     Analysis of Subject:Loving mother. Devoted wife. Ideal woman. Queen of paradise.

That’s is a subject of this piece of art I’ve seen at Lac-Ma museum. Going deepinto the subject of this artwork let us know about praise the woman who hasmade much of the sacrifices for many in the 17th century. Throughout theseventeenth century, the Virgin’s reputation spread. For example, she is saidto have miraculously prevented the floods in 1629, one of the worst naturaldisasters in the history of Mexico City and she’s been helping to faded a majorinfectious disease was destroyed the population of the capital between 1736-37.As such, Guadalupe has been becoming is one of Spain’s most revered celebrityimages spread beyond the confines.2.

    Analysisof Form:This painting from Mexico’s artist has been illustratingthe Virgin of Guadalupe in 17th-century, he was focused on the standardspeeches on the subject: The Virgin stands on the top of the crescent moon,surrounded by light rays and surrounded by a Mandorla flowers made a flower.Inside this artwork, also there is four circle surrounds this artwork, it’slocated in four corners, each one represents the Virgin’s appearing. The virginis placed in the center of the piece of art, the artist has a great idea aboutput in along the artwork a lot of flowers around the Virgin.3.    Analysisof Context:Manuel de Arellano has painted thegreatest artwork with harmonic context and expressing all the respect anddevotion of the Virgin in the 17th century.

He gave the flower in the artworkto let everyone knew she was beautiful and greatness. He did a nice job in thecontext of this art.4.    Analysisof Iconography:The painting clearly shows thefeatured icon of the woman.

This is the beautiful symbol of the woman has madea lot of contributions and help all people overcome difficulties. The slowshift from local people to revered symbols in the world. Additional, it showsus gentle expressions and always help, protect people from the Virgin. Helpingpeople out with difficulties despite the most difficult circumstances.

She hasbeen helping to restore the population of Mexico. Every time she’s beenappearing to bring in the joy and to make the sadness left out the people.That’s beautiful Iconography of the Virgin.5.    Analysisof Content:Overall, for the content of this artwork of Manuel deArellano, I think there is no words can able to express a deep, the magicbehind the content of this painting. Because it is not a normal piece of art,it contains the miraculous and the sacred in the back.

As results, people inthe 17th century and especially people today believe in faith. Because of that,it will bring to the human a luck and more energy of power to overcome allobstacles.6.    Analysisof Theme:The main theme of this artwork isthe vivid image of a powerful and generous woman. Show off the worship ofpeople all over the world with the Virgin. It has become a beautiful symbol forthe religion. Everyone is worshiping the Virgin in their home or car.

 7. Research:                                                                                        8.    PersonalReflection:This artwork is interesting to mebecause it brings to me a luck and let me know everything about the Virgin lofty.As real reflection from myself, I don’t even know everything behind thisartwork as the picture the Virgin, even though I have one picture the Virgin inmy house including the Virgin statue, but about history, where was it born andwho did it. I really don’t know.

Right now, I have a lot of information andexperience about this beautiful artwork. Thank you for making an opportunity tovisit a museum and exploring it. That so amazing time and beautiful artwork.


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