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1.  ?Today, I contributed to my team my sharing with them my prior knowledge regarding the day’s problem. As, I have done my pre-reading, during the discussion in the morning regarding the problem statement with my team, I am able to contribute my thoughts about the prescription and the scenario. In addition, I clarified my understanding with my team in regard to the terms used in the requirements on a prescription. As such, it helped my team mates to learn as well as enhance my understanding. During the meeting 2 activity, I contributed to my team by sharing with them which information goes under which section. For example, morphine sulphate 25mg tablets, so the 25mg is the strength and not the dose. By doing so, it helps me to reinforce my understanding to ensure that I would not make such mistakes during the exams. For meeting 3, I contributed to my team by sharing with them my views of how I wanted the presentation to go. For example, I suggested that we should point out the mistakes in the prescription and then create a new prescription to show how an ideal prescription of fentanyl should appear to be. Hence, for this aspect, we discussed as a team and came out with a new prescription and how to point out what was right and what should be modified.Throughout the day, I encouraged my team mates to share their views as we go along to discuss about today’s lesson. Furthermore, I asked my team mates thought-provoking questions which helps us to gain a better understanding of the overall topic.Thus, this is how I have contributed to my team mate to enhance our learning. 2.      2.   After the MSA, I reflected upon my mistakes and felt that I could have done better. During the paper, I felt that I overthink the question which caused me to not be able to answer the question. After re-looking at the MSA, I feel that it is not that I do not know how to answer but rather I overthink the question which cause me to be not confident of my answer. In addition, I feel that I did not do well in my MCQ. Thus, causing my grades to be pulled down.   Therefore, for the ESE, for the MCQ section, I would read the question properly so that I do not misunderstand and give the wrong answer. For the MSA, in the open-ended questions, I feel that my answers should have been more direct rather than beating around the bush. As such, I could have allocated my time better for questions which require me to write more. Thus, for the ESE, I would look at the marks and write accordingly to the marks that is allocated for the question. Hence, it is important to just answer the question by writing straight to the point.Therefore, the main issue during the MSA was not being able to answer to the questions directly and also overthinking. Thus, for my ESE, I would ensure that I would not make the same mistakes so that my grades would be improved. 

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