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1 MisinformationNot all that is written in social networking sites is true, few are honest, others write lies, some are propagated without scrutiny, and a lot of misinformation makes these sites very bad.2 The follySocial networking sites have allowed many people to spread stupid ideas and comments, which are of great ignorance and are believed by many idiots.3 LazinessThe use of social networks does not require any effort. You can share, hang and carry the phone in your bed, or even in the bathroom. These sites teach people to laziness, do not encourage them to move or exercise.4 risk to childrenWeb sites do not allow the opening of an account for children, but they try to fake their age in order to have accounts for them. The sites are now containing material that children should not be exposed to, such as curses and pornographic images.5 No time to thinkThe information flows on the websites at every moment, before your new party gets back to you. This overload of quick information does not give you time to really think about all this information.6 Kill CreativitySocial networking sites encourage quick reactions, this big trick, which makes you ready to participate quickly in any event that conflicts with being creative and kills creativity in your mind.7 Danger during drivingIt’s a common sight every day. The vast majority drive their cars, while they always look at their smartphones to get to know the latest news or share a comment on the sites, which is a danger to the driver and others.8 no real skillsPeople spend long hours on social networking sites, which prevents them from learning or developing any real skills such as reading a book, playing chess or learning to play a musical instrument.9 They know all thingsPeople on social networking sites believe that they know and understand everything, social networking sites have created a generation that believes that everything they say on the sites of communication is of extreme importance contrary to reality.10 Obsession ObsessionOne of the negative aspects of communication sites is that people are obsessed with sharing pictures and clips instead of living the moment. Everyone puts their smart phone in a state of readiness to get something and share it with the world.

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