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1)      Mental
Health nursing includes providing support to those people who suffer from
different types of mental health problems 1. The work of mental Health nurses
is usually made up of communicating with patients about their current problems
and thoughts and developing bonds with the patients to be able to understand
them more and by this they are able to develop a way how to care for them more efficiently.
I chose this particular nursing practice for the reason that I was always
interested in knowing more about mental health nursing. My question is about
depression and whether exercise is an effective alternative than


PICO question:
In Patients suffering from depression, is exercise an alternative to

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Patients suffering from depression


No Exercise/ Anti-depressants

Reduce/Eradicate depression




2)      Firstly,
in order to carry out the literature search, the site of University of Malta library
website was used, secondly, to further the search the Hybrid Discovery (HyDi)
search engine was used in order to go through all the Library’s printed and
online resources, lastly, to narrow the search further, the appropriate
database had to be found, under the section health sciences both Medline
Complete (EBESCO) and PUBMED central were made use. The Google Scholar search
engine was also used to further increase the search to acquire more articles. These
were chosen as they contain peer reviewed journals, and full text articles
which were also available. On both databases an advanced search can be done.
This is beneficial as to narrow down the search, making it more specific by
choosing inclusion and exclusion criteria. For the results to be more accurate
Boolean operators were made use, these are basic
words like (AND / OR/ NOT/ AND NOT) which are used to integrate the set of
keywords chosen in the PICO question in order for the results to be more
accurate and precise 3. By using these simple words you can find a vast
amount of research and records. These Boolean operators are useful in saving a lot
of time. The keywords that were used throughout the search were ” (depression)
AND (exercise) vs. (medication). Through this research that was conducted it
was found that there isn’t enough studies and articles on this subject.


first literature search was carried out using the PUBMED database, but to no
avail there weren’t any useful articles about depression and exercise versus
antidepressants. Then PUBMED central was used as the second database, here a
research article was found, by Lynette L.Craft and Frank M.Perna, ‘The benefits
of Exercise for the Clinically Depressed’4. On this database another article
was also found, by Jesper Krogh, Carsten Hjorthøj, Helene Speyer, Christian
Gluud, and Merete Nordentoft, ‘Exercise for patients with major depression: a
systematic review with meta-analysis and trial sequential analysis’ 5, but it
doesn’t actually talk about exercise versus antidepressants, it’s objectives
were to explore the positive and negative side effects of exercise in patients
with depression. 


articles that were found on Medline Complete (EBESCO) didn’t really fall in
line with the results that were wished to be acquired, some would be about
exercise only or antidepressants only. After the search using the databases,
Google Scholar was used as another way to search for more articles, here the
articles where very alike of the ones that were found on PubMed and Medline.


were very few articles in all the databases and through the search engine
Google Scholar which was specific to the PICO question.

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