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and Saperstein’s ontological orientation to race is constructionist. It is
because those racial perceptions are fluid. According to the article, racial
perceptions are related to the social position. For instance, incarceration is
the key to understand classification of whites and non-whites. Out of those who
have been classified “white” last year, 96% with no signs of incarceration are
still classified as white again. However, 6% of those following people cannot
be seen as whites because they have been incarcerated. Unlike, classification
of “blacks” can be seen as lenient. It doesn’t matter if one is poor or has
committed a crime.

are two ways that Penner and Saperstein investigate and examine the concept of
race. The first is the racial classification by interviewers (others) , which can be explained as how
individuals’ races are classified by the others. The second is the racial
self-identification that can be explained as how individuals identify their own

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key variables in this study are racial classification such as black and white
and elements of social status of the individual such as their income, education
level, employment and marital history. This study examined how racial
classification is related to social status of individual. People identified as white last year may be identified as white again
whether unemployed, incarcerated, or impoverished. If any of those three are
met, they are less likely to be seen as white in the current year. Blacks
are identified same regardless of their states. In this study, therefore, the
race (perception) can be independent variable while social status can be
dependent variable.

I feel that this study is valid with
respect to ecological validity as they are deeply related to our real life and
internal validity as they use the strong causal relationship between variables.

For the example of ecological validity, blacks have stereotype of being poor
according to article. For the internal validity, this study has the strong
relationship between the race perception and the social position.



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