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Management system(HMS) is a web app-based system in which patients, doctor and
administrative parties can improve the process of consultation and other
clinical affairs. A web application is a piece of software that can be accessed
from a browser (web client).

come in form of HTML, JavaScript, CSS as these languages depend on the browser
to render an executable file. HMS is a dynamic application which uses a server
to deal with request processing from a client and storing and retrieving database
from a cloud-based server. HMS web app is designed to help hospitals and
clinics manage information and data of their patients, employees (e.g. doctors)
from administrative level. 



How web-apps works.


system includes the processes of registration of a patient from devices of
their choice, the registration process stores patient’s details into system’s
database. The process provides the patient with a unique identification
number(id) that will help identify his/her records from the hospital or
clinic’s database.  Since users go
through a registration process, all users must have a unique id number and a
unique username which can be used during the sign in process.


is meant to deliver a system in which will eliminate unnecessary steps such as;
manual registration from a front desk, front desk appointment booking, phone
call enquiries etc. that lead to a patient and doctor’s consultation. HMS involves
different modules e.g. Patient module, Doctors module and Admin module. The
modules will directly communicate with the database from a web client to effectively
perform their tasks. The HMS is a simple yet powerful system that is designed
to provide seamless flow of processes while making a friendly interface and
easily accessible.


HMS can manage multiple of users of the system. 
Users can function with the system as how it is designed to function
with minimal errors and with efficient manner. The system should deliver the
functionality of quickly gathering and data manipulation along as summarization
of results. This paper states problems that the current system faces and
provides solutions to the stated problems. 
The project design is meant to improve the consultation and relation
between admins, doctors and patients while managing other hospital and clinic



Front end: Html, Css and Javascript

Back-end: Php

Database: Mysql

Operating system: Windows 10

Run-time Environment: Wampserver



Systems rely on the work of the front desk

The front desk paper work reduces the
efficiency of the system

Redundancy of data storage e.g. having same patient’
name appearing several times

Systems that rely on paperwork are likely to
lose their data in a problem such as fire etc. but cloud based will always be



Literature review

system(MS)- Over the years, there have been many different MS in the IT industry.
MS is a framework of policies, processes and procedures used by an organization
to ensure that it can fulfil all the tasks required to achieve its objectives. MS
take the role of satisfying the tasks requirements posed by users of the system
such as from an administrative level to a user level. MS are developed around organization
to suits the requirements of an organization. What can management system do for
you? A research by British Standard Institution shows that business that adopt
to a management system gained some ideal benefits such as:

44% achieved cost savings

74% acquired new customers and retained
existing clients

77% boosted their overall performance

75% experienced improved customer service

The research also shows us why the many organization try
and obtain a management system certification. Give below are few reasons to why:

To comply with the requirements of the customer

To protect the company/organization through instituting
best practices.

To grow the organization while extending and
reaching out for more customers and customer satisfaction which increased the


means “an integrated assembly of interacting elements or components designed
to carry out cooperatively a predetermined function.” Kenneth & Richard (1995).
 There many different systems in the
technology world, in this case we look at it from an organisational perspective.
This includes multiple users, technologies, processes and services.


Three-functioning system model.

the input

Represents the decisions & processes inside the system

output of the system


Can a
management system increase performance to an organization?

performance is a true measure of how well a system of management is function” Kenneth
& Richard (1995). This means that a true measurement of knowing if the implemented
system is working is by looking up at the organization’s performance.



This is web-based system that allows the management of hospital with all their
patients and employees such as administrative, financial etc. The system
integrates information on admins, doctors and patients into a single web-app with
different modules to comply with their tasks. The development of HMS is meant
to eliminate unnecessary steps such; the visit to the front desk for
registration, hospitals paper work etc., This will allow patients to achieve
their goals of registration, appointment booking, communication with doctors etc.
A research was conducted by Morilla et al (2017) on implementation of
technology in healthcare. A questionnaire was designed and validated by the
authors and later used to interview doctors/specialists to study and evaluate
thought and opinions of doctors/physicians on e-healthcare. Out of 930
physicians, 739 were able to respond to questionnaire with an 82% response



Participation diagram


outcome showed that physicians believed in the importance of e-healthcare. The
research claimed that “Professionals with previous experience with it are more
open to its implementation and consider that the benefits of technology
outweigh its possible difficulties and shortcomings. Physicians demanded
projects with appropriate funding and technology, as well as specific training
to improve their technological abilities.”.





Modules-System in which is divided into three
modules (Admin, Patient and Doctor)

Private communication-Direct messages between
parties e.g. doctor to patient communications or admin to doctors etc.

Time saving-Automated online system which eliminates
the processes before consultation.

Cloud based database-Data storage will be
performed in the cloud


of the proposed system:



No redundancy

Immediate cloud storage

User friendly



of the proposed system:

Cloud based database-Since the tasks of the system
will be done online, a network connection is needed to performance and access
relevant data and tasks.

Computer system knowledge-Since the system is
not familiar to everyone, some knowledge of basic computer knowledge is needed
to navigate around the system and an understanding English language is required
to read and understand tasks and information you are expected to do.







Registration- Patient will have the
flexibility on registering to the system from any of their device choice.

Appointment scheduling- Patients can access
the doctor scheduled calendar to see when they are free for consultation
purpose and book an appointment from the given information.

Notice board-Patients can have access to a
notice board which will display data such as the prescribed prescription from

Report viewing- Patients can see their own

Patient profile-Patients can view and edit their
own account profile.


Doctor module

Account creation-Doctor will be able to
create a new patients account on behalf of the patient with a unique id for
unregistered users.

Appointment scheduling-Doctors can accept an
appointment according to the request from the patient, if a date is booked then
it should be crossed off from the patient’s data.

Prescriptions-Doctors can add a prescription
of drugs straight to their patients account after consultation.

Private communications-Private messages between
parties e.g. Doctor ad patients or admin and doctors.

Profile-Doctors can view and make changes to
their own profiles.


Admin module

Admin management-Admins have the flexibility
of managing full hospital.

Can create, edit and delete patients and

Data view and analysis -The hospital reports
and performance are reported to the admin.

Reports-Admins can add and delete reports.

Master records- Admin stores all records of
its employee and patients and can retrieve any necessary information and data
from the cloud by a search tab.

Private communication- Admins can have private
communication between all parties of the system

profile management. The admin also has an
option to view and edit their own profiles same as the rest of the module users
(patients and doctors) to keep the data and information up to date.

















Are you a computer literate?

Is there a computer system that supports
recording keeping?

Do you think computer is necessary in the
management of records?

What reports are produced by the manual systems?

How many students seek medical services there
in a day?

How many staff seek medical services there in
a day?

Do you want to continue working with the
current system?

Which department have been computerized?





























(web app img)

(MS def & stats)

(System def)


(System management)




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