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paradigm is an image of society that includes thinking and research, it’s a viewpoint
and also a perspective. The three sociological paradigms are functionalism,
conflict, and symbolic interactions. Functionalism is a society viewed as a
complex system whose parts work together to promote stability, order and common
beliefs. Conflict is a framework that is used to build a theory that lets us
see society as an arena of inequality that generates conflict, change and a
continuous power struggle. Symbolic Interactions which is the way we
communicate and symbolic meaning, harmony and cooperation.

first sociologist I am choosing is Max Weber who was a German Conflict
theorist. He was part responsible for the development of the Symbolic
Interactionist paradigm because he argued that meaning requires the act of
understanding. He is also recognized for the importance of economic conditions
in producing inequality and conflict in society. Weber felt that sociologists
should not let their own personal biases affect the research process. He stressed
that researchers should stay neutral and objective, or “value-free.” He added
the power and prestige to inequality which falls under functionalism with power
being evenly distributed among his own society.

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second sociologist that I have chosen is Emile Durkheim. He was a French order
theorist who argued that society is characterized by stability and strong
integration based on mutual benefit. Durkheim argued that society is held
together by certain legitimating mechanism that serve to help us initialize the
values and norm of our society. He first introduced statistical techniques,
that he used in his researching of suicide. Emile defined the term, and argued that the discipline of
Sociology should be understood as the empirical study
of social facts.


It is important for sociologists to use a sociological imagination because they
are able to compare their personal lives to events that happen in society. The sociological imagination is the ability to look beyond one’s
own everyday life as a cause for daily successes and failures and see the
entire society in which one lives as potential cause for these things.
Having sociological imagination
is critical for individual people and society today to understand. It is important
that people are able to relate the situations in which they live their daily
lives to the wide spread issues that affect them. Without the ability to make
these relations, many people do not realize the societal issues that affect
them and are unable to determine if the issues require change to better their

a sociologist failed to use the sociological imagination we would not be able
to compare personal influences too social influences that affect us
individually. C. Wright. Mills was the first to address sociological imagination;
therefor showing us how to understand relationships between personal troubles
and conflict in public. Mills wanted to focus on the events that were affecting
us individually because of the toxic world around us. Sociologist need to use
the sociological imagination because it shows the differences one sociologist
might have but shows the range of other important analogy.

using that way of thinking does not open up a horizon to look at other
sociologists point of views. Having other opinions and thoughts to compare and
contrast can open up social awareness about problems. Also having broad
statements about personal and social events can open up the minds of others about
social behavior and can change the way we act. Sociology complements, but does
not replace the way that others view human behavior. This allows sociological imagination
to replace misconceptions about the social life of others with more precise and
accurate information.




Alcoholism is a sociological issue because it affects the people around you and
the way you interact with the world. Alcohol leads to many problems for both
the drinker and the drinker’s family. Alcohol tends to have many devastating effects
on the family. Children who have grown up with alcoholic parents tend to be
scarred emotionally from the emotional hurt and pain of seeing loved ones
suffer from addiction. There have been countless marriages that have been
destroyed from the significant other having addictions; whether it was
emotionally or even financially.

can have prior problems that lead to the alcohol issue. Drugs happen to be a
prior issue whether it is prescription or illegal, it can cause a synergistic
effect that makes the substance have a greater impact. This problem can lead to
fatalities, that can be quite devastating. Having psychological problems such
as depression or schizophrenia that are often seen in the alcoholic. People who
are like this may attempt to self-medicate with alcohol which leads to them not
realizing that alcohol will profound the symptoms of their mental illness.

have experienced alcoholic addiction within my family personally. My mom passed
away of ethanol abuse in 2017, and it was a hard situation to deal with. Alcohol
made her a whole different person, and affected my dad, brother and me emotionally
and physically. My father is also an alcoholic that is leading in the same path
my mother did. I lost my complete relationship with my mom about 2 years ago
because alcohol took over her life and made her not care about her kids




6. In 2014 there were 1,488,465
people who were in homeless shelters all throughout America. In New York there
were approximately 77,000 people who were homeless in 2014. As the beginning of
2018 came a new shelter system came to New York. There has been a plan to open
about 20 more shelters in the cities of New York. There will only be 200 people
allowed to live in that particular shelter leaving hundreds of people

Symbolic Interactionism shows that
the individual is the only person who truly decides if he or she is considered
homeless or not. This theory tells shows the role of the individual in giving
meaning to social behaviors, which creates society’s view. The correlation
between the individual and society is that they are both interdependent. This goes
to show the perspective approaches the homeless through symbols; although the symbols
can mean a variety of things. Whether it is the clothes they happen to wear,
the way they act, or the food they eat.

The functionalism theory is about
social organizations and how it is maintained throughout society itself. The theory
tends to emphasize the importance of stability and integration in a society. In
this theory homelessness is viewed as inevitable and basically a must for the
society to “function”. The functionalism perspective is how all different parts
of society come together and work as a whole. The homeless are one of the parts
of society that work together with other social classes so that society can
still continue to go on.

The conflict theorists view the
society from an objective and hierarchical point of view. In this perspective
the homeless are subordinated to the society. They see the homeless as people
that are too weak and unable to climb up the social ladder to achieve a higher
social status. In this situation the homeless are incapable of nothing and the
theorists see themselves as the kings who have all the power over society. They
happen to view themselves as the people with all the power and control everything,
whether it is economic or social.  

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