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Personal Activities

CE1.3.1 Being the Opex
program manager, I met with UPD business top management to showcase the Opex
business cases, need and benefits which will improve execution process, help in
complete project on time, and enhance good profit margins. I and my team
initiated program by having conversation with business key stakeholders and comprehend
the pain areas of the operation and prepared Opex program budget for business
head approval (Image shown below). Later, I invited all key stakeholders on board for kick off meeting and presented
gaps and challenges identified and finalized the project objective, resource
requirement, timeline, budget, and benefits / savings expectations. I and my
team commenced the task with strategic planning of the work activities

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CE1.3.2 Business allocated
pilot project sites for OPEX program. I and my team strategized and developed front
end project planning to finalize project concept scope of 3260 villages to get
electrified within 24 months’ time period. I oversaw design, resource, procurement
and execution planning and also payment terms of the pilot projects. I and my
team conducted detailed diagnostics by interviewing key people, visiting
project sites, assessing individual department contribution and timeline. I
also analysed and scrutinised project data and identified gaps. I mapped
operation process using four field mapping. I identified issues by plotting
project issue tree department wise.

CE1.3.3 I formulated operations strategy aligned
to business goal & fund flow by ensuring optimum working capital throughout
the execution.  A summary of the new strategy
is shown below

I, first, evaluated current state execution
strategy and analysed step by step engineering activities with time, material,
manpower & Plant and machinery needed to complete Village. I also noted
that number of work fronts opened and not electrified, which troubled project
working capital requirements. Therefore, based on incomplete work and balanced project
scope, new execution strategy was developed, following are the key parameters considered
for new execution approach:

thing I did was I immediately stopped the current practice of operation
that is  opening larger work fronts
with only concrete pole installation
Next I
defined invoice-able work unit that is Village completion because 60% of project
contract value was in execution
I Changed
the sub-contractor work order and payment policies
I Restructured
manpower and material planning and
aligned with new execution strategy
mandated project team to start electrifying villages, where ever concrete
pole are installed and not to open new work fronts until 80% backlog is
to sub-contractor will be issued in Full-kit or bundling method and
reconciliation statement to be submitted to planning before invoice
SCM policies that is material procurement will be performed based on
“Full-kit” and bundling methodology
I prepared
unit work man-days list for all the engineering activities using my past
experience, discussion with UPD business experts and considering season
and festivals

CE1.3.4 I used bottom up approach for true execution planning in consultation
with site team. Based on manpower and P productivity data, I calculated
time to complete number of village in one month and set stretch targets for subsequent
two months referring work front
availability, manpower, and materials. I mandated site team to prepare catch up
plan and along with team I reviewed weekly and gave feedback. I referred to contract
survey BOQ, Material Requirement Plan (MRP), manpower and P plan and invoicing

CE1.3.5 Material management was one of the biggest issue in UPD business.
I found either overstocking or stock out of materials at site store. UPD top management
use to pressurise project manager to focus on high value items and raise supply
invoice, thus, giving priority for ordering and dumping high value items such
as Poles, cables, transformers etc. and delayed low value items procurement.
Resulting, overstocking of high value items and shortages of low value items. Therefore
to overcome above issue, I changed material procurement policy:

1.      I mandated,
project team to raise electronic material request for complete BOQ items
instead of partial items

2.      SCM team to
negotiate price with respective vendors and place Letter of intent for complete
BOQ items

3.      Based on
quarterly material requirement inputs from site team, SCM referring to material
lead-time and place the Purchase order to vendors

CE1.3.6 I eliminated old hand written material request system and
introduced BOQ pre-printed indent book. The new indent book consisted of unique
item code with high value items as main header linked with low value item,
which I named as “Full-Kit”. I also mandated to store manager if any one item
is missing in full-kit then no material will be released. Project stakeholders agreed
with new system and linked material schedule with procurement milestones. I sent
weekly reports of new procurement system to all the stakeholders. I conducted fortnightly
cross functional meeting to review the progress and resolve the issues. I used
MS-Excel for making management dashboards.

CE1.3.7 Monthly, I along with my team analysed “planned versus actual
villages’ electrified”. If the lag between plan versus actual is more than 20%
then again I compute backward planning and prepared revised month on month work
completion plan. I, then, consulted client along with project team to identify
priority villages to be electrified and agreed with new timelines.

CE1.3.8 I developed
vendor for concrete pole supply. First, I analysed pole procurement purchase
orders historic data, visited and interacted with multiple vendor and
understand the manufacturing process and cost involved. I used my mathematical
knowledge and prepared clean sheet costing for concrete pole and shared with
business top management for approval. I advised business to go with vendor
development than negotiating with cartel. This sounded very lucrative to top
management and granted approval. Later, SCM called vendor and made contract. This
helped business save significant amount of money (shown below).

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