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1.2. Explain child protection
within the wider concept of safeguarding children and young people.


to the web site of the NSPCC all kinds of organisations that are working and
come into contact must have safeguarding policies/ procedures to ensure that every child, regardless of their age, gender, religion
or ethnicity, can be protected from harm.

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“Child Protection” is precisely the term of
protection of children and young people from suspected abuse and neglect. But
in the context of safeguarding, child protection has a wider range of concept.

It includes everything an organization can do to keep children and young people
safe, including minimizing the risk of harm and accidents and taking action to
tackle safety concerns.

Working together is one of the primary requirements of ensuring
a “wider concept of safeguarding
children and young people” along with the family. If there is a concern about a
child, all agencies should work together in full partnership, take suitable
actions, which will address all concern.

In England and Wales, Local
Safeguarding Children’s Boards (LSCBs) ensure that the key agencies involved in
safeguarding children work effectively together in safeguarding and promoting
the welfare of children at the local level.

Under this concept of wider safeguarding we always need to
take into account that children and young people are protected from
maltreatment, not only through protection but also when preventing impairment in
their health, development through all possible ensuring and providing positive


protection within the wider concept of safeguarding requires many elements
including risk assessments, providing safe and secure atmosphere anywhere in
the setting (inside/outside), following safeguarding/health and safety policies
and procedures, fire drills, missing children as well as including all subject
of matter that can protect and prevent children and young people from
negligence and mental, physical and sexual abuse.


views of safeguarding for children and young people demand joint
responsibilities: all sides of responsibilities for instance parental and
teachers or other agencies – those are involved with them. Children and young
people spend most of their day time in school, college, universities or other
organisations and in that time responsibilities fall on teachers and all other
staff who are involved with them and their responsibility is to ensure and prevent
children and young people from any kind of harm from physical, mental and sexual
abuse, in the same way parental responsibilities are to protect children and
young people from harm of mental and physical and sexual abuse when they are at
home. One very recent research from the
BBC indicates that young children are involved with online gambling. Gambling
is not illegal but there should be a restriction of age because of moral
education as well as E-safety.  As we all
know that the Internet is a vast area, children and young people are targeted
from cyber attackers and very often they are being victimised. One other issue
parents/ carer should not ignore are that sometimes they are over exposed in
the point of securing safeguarding and often they do not allow many things
regarding well being of children and young people as over exposition cause
demoralisation, frustration and aggression or extremism, which could obstacles,
the wider concept of safeguarding.  


From my point of view,
parents are life long teachers and they can play a vital roll to protect and prevent
children and young people from any kind of harm within the wider concept of
safeguarding. Parents or
carer who fail to protect or take care of children and young people could face
huge consequences like being taken to court or having a child removed from the
family and placed into care.


As I am in
placement in Fairlop Primary School, providing a service of TA, I am entirely
aware of the school policies and procedures and also one of my vital roles is
to provide all kind safeguarding issues for the wellbeing of children along
with the educational support side.


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