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Cancer and DNA


Cancer, a common term in the health
care sector is the second leading
cause of death globally, and has caused
8.8 million deaths in 2015 (according to WHO statistics). Being of several
types, cancer now poses greater threat to human health than any other disease. Though,
whatever the type, it was thought to be an incurable disease, in modern days several
treatments are being discovered to increase the longevity of a patient’s life
or to fight certain cancer types totally. As prevention is better than care so
it is better for us to know if any person has or might be facing the threat of
cancer later in his life. So, in many ways it is the challenge now to try to predict
early in the lifespan whether someone will have cancer later in life, whether
someone has cancer at present, also to know whether she/he will again suffer
from the same cancer even after the cure. Early diagnosis and treatment and
lower the fatality rate.

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1.2   Machine

learning, the ability of machines to learn
without being explicitly programmed, has proved to be promising in solving real
world problems. Machine learning can be supervised, unsupervised and
semi-supervised, the later proving to be
more useful in many cases (find the



Machine Learning in cancer



learning in cancer research dates back to the 20th century only but
proves to be an efficient way for cancer prediction and diagnosis . New methods
consisting of modified algorithms are being implemented in predicting, treating
cancer. Efficiency is highly required when predicting cancer because even one
life matters. If our method can provide us with accuracy
of 100% then only it means not even one prediction was wrong. So, search for
the perfect method of predicting cancer is essential.  

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