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1.0 IntroductionThe Sustainable Action Plan created by our team will provide your company with actionable recommendations for decreasing energy use, including both natural gas and electricity. And also, to reduce the production of waste wherever it is feasible to do so. And to achieve paperless office thus to increase the office sustainability.  And a plan to implement triple-bottom line. The plan will be site specific, and it is also possible that best practices may be identified and later it can be applied across various Nutri-Lawn locations.Overall, the goal of this Sustainable Action Plan is to provide the tools to increase the cost savings, strengthen your reputation as a leader in sustainability, and to promote employee engagement in sustainable related practices.2.0 The Dynamic LandscapeNutri-Lawn has taken a refreshing approach to lawn care, promoting environmentally friendly products and services. Currently, your Cambridge office does not have a set of standards to ensure that operations align with your sustainable products and services. As part of our baselining activities, we executed a stakeholder analysis for Nutri-Lawn, outlining all potential stakeholders in your business. In this analysis, customers were identified increasingly interested, high-power stakeholders. In an progressively “green” world of business, your company could begin to consider how your operations are perceived by these high-power customers. In the Nutri-Lawn SWOT analysis (Appendix 1), which outlines strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats for your company, competitors were identified as a potential threat to your business. Other green lawn care companies may be impacting Nutri-Lawn’s success, especially if they are already pursuing sustainability initiatives within their operations. These observations will be discussed further in the following section of the Sustainable Action Plan. Energy efficiency, waste reduction, and a paperless office can create major cost savings for your company. Currently, energy inefficiency and the cost of paper and waste disposal may be costing your business more than it should be. Our goal as sustainability consultants is to help your company avoid these costs, and the potential risks listed above that can be associated with unsustainable business practices. The primary goal is to make suggestions that could help you run day to day operations as efficiently and effectively as possible. 3.0 Business Case for Action4.0 Key Performance Indicators: BaselineMeasuring KPIs such as energy, paper use, and waste are crucial to identifying and setting reduction targets for your office. These are the measures that will reflect your progress on the way of meeting your sustainability goals. These metrics will track the effectiveness of various business operations over the certain period. Using KPIs, we will evaluate the success and failure of your set organisational and strategic objectives. These indicators will aid in providing a snapshot of current situation and will be a means to notice changes and improvements over time. To exemplify, kWh/product is the energy consumption per unit of production.It is very important to do baselining once you have past or present usage data available with you. The amount of a resource (energy, paper and waste) that your business uses, is the baseline which is used as an assessment rate to monitor for your business’s progress and benchmarking. This will help you to assess how you can put a control over the potential and actual impacts that will be the result of various operations of your business. In addition to this, baselining will provide you with various efficiency gains, areas that need improvement and thus will help you to save money.4.1 KPI: EnergyEnergy is a major cost for many businesses, including Nutri-Lawn. Despite operating out of a relatively small office space, you spent a total of $4257.78 on electricity and natural gas between January 2017 and the end of August 2017. Managing energy use more effectively throughout the office could result in significant cost savings on energy bills for your company over time.Our team baselined natural gas and electricity use for your Cambridge office. We used a variety of methods and tools, including process mapping, worksheets and checklists to further understand energy consumption at your office. Baselining energy allows us to determine when energy use is highest, in order to identify where your energy is being used most. The purpose of this process is to highlight where energy is being wasted or lost, indicating areas where improvements can be made. Our primary goal is to discover ways in which your company can reduce energy use, creating cost savings.Figure 1 below illustrates how much your company spent on energy bills per month, based on the information provided to our team. The graph shows a peak in energy costs throughout February and March, with amount spent declining rapidly in the following months. This peak is likely due to increased energy usage for heating during the winter months. In our first meeting, you mentioned that the HVAC system in your office is very outdated, and likely needs to be replaced. Outdated, inefficient heating systems are likely costing you more money than a newer system would. In addition, you mentioned in our meeting that the staff generally uses space heaters at the window front desks in the winter. This area of the office may be colder during the winter due to poorly insulated windows. This will be investigated further upon our second meeting.Figure 1Figure 1 also illustrates an increase in energy costs throughout June and July. This is likely due to the need for air conditioning during these months. It may also reflect the increase in business your company receives during the spring and summer months, resulting in more people in your office using energy more frequently.Figure 2 is the energy process map we have created for your office. The map illustrates a high use of electricity throughout the office, with many computers, outlets, printers, and appliances using energy on a daily basis. While these appliances and devices are critical to the effective operation of your business, they could be replaced with more energy efficient models. The calculations for cost savings and return on investment from energy efficient appliances and devices will be investigated further when we begin the benchmarking phase of our consultation.   Figure 2 The outlets in your office do not currently have automatic sensors, meaning that lights may left on overnight or in rooms that are not being used throughout the day. Our Sustainable Action Plan will outline the cost and return on investment of automatic sensors as an alternative for the lighting in your building. 4.2 KPI: Waste4.3 KPI: PaperPaper is the most important tool in various day to day business activities. These days various tools are available to reduce the paper use in different areas. There are many environmental and the economic concerns related to the continuous dependence on the paper use in the business.This is an important effort for your company, as this will not only help you to save money but also let Nutri-Lawn to make vital contribution to the environment.There are significant benefits of reducing the paper use that can aid your business financially and help to perform better than before. Reduction in the use of paper will help your company to make office more sustainable. Pursuing a paperless office will reduce Nutri-Lawn’s contribution to the environmental hazards, thus making your organization more socially responsible.For Nutri-lawn’s financial efficiencyTo perform the business operations more efficiently, paper consumption need to be reduced. The monetary expenses of paper reach out a long way simply buying a paper that affects the bottom line. Paper use should be reduced to save the money spent on the purchase, handling and disposal. Also,to avoid the expenses on the storage of the files, paper usage need to be reduced.Nutri-Lawn’s Positive Environmental impactPaper is an integral part of office work. Paper production procedure involves lot of steps that in turn requires various natural resources.To avoid the environmental challenges, Nutri-lawn should cut the paper use.Paper usage has to be reduced in a business to avoid the various impacts like large-scale logging to meet the demand of paper use. Besides more educated people these days, still paper is not recycled in a proper manner and results in polluting the environment by releasing the toxic in the landfills.Paper is the most used tool in your office. There could be significant savings on your paper consumption and disposal costs by managing the paper use more efficiently. The main motive of our consultant team is to find out various alternatives and methods to lower the paper use and the costs incurred on the paper purchase, procurement and discarding procedures. Baselining for your company’s paper usage has been performed by our team. To find out the paper consumption in your Cambridge office, we used various methods like process mapping, paperless action worksheets and checklists. The main purpose of doing baselining is to highlight the areas where the paper is used more or whether it is wasted or recycled. This aid to identify areas where improvements can be made to increase the sustainability of your office.Appendix 2 include the questions asked to assess how and where the paper is used or disposed off to find out the room where the improvements can be made to have paperless office. It was assessed during the first meeting that more paper is used to display important notifications. Also, visual analysis showed that employee do use more of sticky notes for the reminders. Consumption of paper in your office is at peak during the spring season. Currently, in your office there is no default setting (double sided printing) in the printers. More paper consumption may be reflected during the summers and spring when the production is maximum and staff is in the office. Paper disposal and recycling will be explored in further meetings.                                                            Figure 3Figure 3 is the process map that our team has created for your office. The map illustrates the number of waste bins, printers in the office reflecting the paper use and waste. Moreover, office don’t have any separate bins for the waste and recycling.No doubt the use of paper is vital for the various business operations, but monitoring the paper use will help your company to better and avoid trivial costs. Our next step of Sustainable Business Action plan will include the benchmarking to evaluate the cost savings on the paper use. Rethinking paper use will reduce paper waste and less paper waste means more profit that every business seeks.Appendix HelpfulHarmfulInternalStrengths:-Green marketing-Canada-wide locations-Reputation -Year-round services-Sustainable equipment-Sustainable products Weaknesses:-Lack of office sustainability planExternalOpportunities:-Sustainability movement is growing-Demand for lawn care Threats:-Competitors   Appendix 1                                        Paperless Action WorksheetDo you use an electronic fax service? NoWhen you need to take notes at a meeting, do you take electronic device or notepad? Occasionally laptopWhat is the fibre content of each type of paper used? Not familiarHow much printing is done in a week/term/year? 200 pages per week What amount of paper is purchased throughout the company? Depends upon season 800 pages( April)Is paper recycled? Not sorted out Do you use digital signature for documents? NoDo you use paper that has already been printed on one side, when you are using information for yourself? NoHow many printers and copiers are in office? 3Do you print emails? NoAre trash and recycling containers clearly labelled? NoAre the printers set to double-sided default printing? NoAre there hand dryers in washroom?No, Uses paper towel                                                                 Appendix 2Process map (office)References Nutri-Lawn. (2017). Retrieved from

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