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1.1 History Of The Company

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Our homestay business which is named the ‘Hommie Homestay’ was
established in year 2016 in the form of sole proprietorship. This homestay business
started off with 3 homestays around tourist spots in Malacca which are located
in Kota Laksamana, near  Pantai Klebang
and the last one is within the Kampung Morten. The homestay business is run by
using the owner’s house property at housing area to make it as a homestay. The
owner brings in capital from other business into the homestay business to
conduct the homestay business operation. The homestay business is not a
registered company under Suruhanjaya Syarikat Malaysia (SSM).


Existing Business that the Company Involved or Intend to involve

Tourism is an important development tool and it is considered as the
second largest contributor to the Malaysian economy. Our company will provide
hospitality homestay in Melaka because tourism development in Melaka bring most
profits in this business area. Our company involves into this business as there
are many tourists travelling in Melaka. Homestay business is a breakthrough in
the field of tourism. Homestay offers all necessities to tourists, provide the
best service and offers affordable price in comparison to luxury hotels that
will make in an option for tourists. Our company try to provide the best
homestay service to tourists in Melaka while offering the best price in town to
show our enthusiasm.


1.3 Vision and Mission Statements of the Company


l  Expanding
our business to other states and become Malaysia’s best low cost homestay



l  To
provide conducive environment for the tourists and encourage them to come to our
homestay again

l  To
expand our business and upgrade our homestays’ facilities

l  To
let the tourists who stay in our homestay feel like they are at home


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