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08/01/2018 Aleksandra Dajko

Epoka University

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Department Of Architecture/ENG 101

Topic:Education and Learning

of Private and Public Universities in Albania

university is an institution of higher education and research which grants
academic degrees in a variety of subjects. In order to take the proper decision for
the right university, it requires a lot of time to make a critical thinking and
the experiences of previous students influence your ultimate choice. Both private and public universities
exist in Albania. The
number of private universities compared to the public ones is approximately the
same. It is mostly based on teaching strategies and techniques of other
countries and it has a key role in the economic growth. This essay will give us
some differences and similarities between private and public universities.

Firstly, public
universities which are commonly called state universities,are funded by the government
of Albania. (CliffNotes) Students who want to
go to public universities are selected by the criteria of Matura Shteterore.
The selection of them is done by points of Matura Shteterore or total average
of high-school (including the exams of Matura Shteterore). The
tuition fee is lower than that of a private university. (Bradshaw,
(CliffNotes) A lecture might last
1 hour and it is taught in albanian. There are breaks after each hour which may
last 15 min and long breaks which last 2 hours. There’s a limited number of
students who have been accepted in these schools, according to different
faculties. There is an emphasized lack of practicing areas such as laboratories
and equipments. Public schools have to teach what the
state and the district board tells them to teach. In addition, they prepare
students for state assessment testing on a regular basis. Clubs
and activities are usually considered extras. Dress codes and
uniforms are not defined in the public school arena.

While, on the other hand, private
universities have their own specifics. In Albania these universities are often
criticized and this is a crucial point which stimulates the tendency for
competitions between universities and as result they tend to improve their
quality. Private
universities in Albania are privately funded, and they usually have higher
tuition than a public university. Each of them has their own criteria for
becoming their student. These criteria might be typical exams of the
university, a limited number of ranking students or the same criteria as public
universities (Matura Shteterore).The lectures might be given in different
languages which are commonly english, italian, albanian. A lecture usually
lasts 45 min and there’s a short break after each lecture which lasts 15 min
and long breaks might last 1 or 2 hours. The number of students depends on the
preferences of faculties by students. Their number varies from 25-60 or more. Private
schools develop their own curricula. They teach the subjects based on their
specific program. They use a variety of assessment methods to determine how a
student is performing. Private schools usually mount a wide
offering of extracurricular activities depending on the kind of
school and its program. Extracurricular activities offer opportunities for
personal growth and social development. (Bradshaw, 2015) There are few private universities
which require dress code and uniforms.

However, both
private and public universities require
the student to have a bachelor’s degree (N, 2010)and they provide to the students a lot of suitable
facilities such as library, computer 
labs, cafeterias, accommodation, so they can adapt their life easily to
the university. (Lopez, 2016) (Study Moose,
both have a certain  break after a
lecture and they give an economic and educational growth in Albania.

To sum up, both private and public universities,
along with many stereotypes that contribute to public perception of each are
part of education. The fact that there exists a competition between these two
gives a positive contribute in the improvement of the education level and
quality in Albania. There should be followed such policies that are similar with foreign countries, but yet applicable
and suitable for this country.


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