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•Mathematics- math skills
are essential for both construction of hardware
and programming of software.

•Software knowledge-  Within this workforce the majority of the work
you produce is performed by software, as you are required to  design programs,
write codes and test them for any problems.

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•Hardware knowledge- Being aware of how a computer is built and it’s
different components to be able to work with it.

•Programming Languages-  An essential
skill to conquer when producing computer programs, as you have to be efficient
when using python to create

•Management- Advancing and achieving a higher
position is a purpose most people desire,
whether its in engineering or other fields, so it’s a drive for us to achieve better, therefore you
being able to manage a group of engineers is essential, otherwise you will
stay in the same position.

•Problem Solving-  Computer
hardware engineers need to have the ability to develop and find solutions
to any given problems. In addition coding is a major part of
their role which needs to be mastered. It’s essential, as nothing can be a
maybe when doing this but a 100%, as any small mistake can ruin
everything. When necessary and a problem takes place a person with good problem
solving skills is needed to identify these mistake and correct them. Therefore accuracy is
vital  when focusing
on the small details as it can make
a big difference.

•Education- Hardware
engineering requires a bachelor’s degree in computer or engineering.

•Analytical skills- Computer
hardware engineers require this as it helps them solve problems and
analyse equipment to determine the most
suitable solution to improve them.

•Creativity- Computer
hardware engineers design new types of IT devices and are
consistently designing, building and testing new hardware systems and producing
blueprints of computer equipment using AutoCAD.
 Additionally, their role in solving
technical problems requires ‘thinking out of the box’, as you will need to
apply your creative thoughts to solve any given problem.

•Critical thinking- Engineers use
their reasoning to examine assumptions, and identify strengths and weaknesses
of solutions to problems.

•Communication- Hardware
engineering jobs require team work therefore team skills is necessary as being
part of a team means you will need to interact with other, to be able to
progress as a team.

•Soft skills- Effective
verbal and written communication, problem solving, and critical thinking.
Benefits of soft skills is that you are able to develop good work
etic, confidence and team leadership, that will give
you an advantage in your career. 

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