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growth rate has reduced for fifth consecutive year to 3.3% in 2016 because of
the tight fiscal and monetary policy adopted by the Bank of Ghana (BoG)

recently approved 5% cap on borrowing from BoG violating the 0% financing condition of
IMF. This led to reduced monetary supply in the economy.

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Government couldn’t achieve its fiscal deficit target and it stood at 8.7% of
GDP due to reduced revenues which in turn was due to reduced economic activity
due to poor sentiment amongst the countrymen.

policy rate stood at 25% in 2016 which made borrowing very difficult. This
again affected GDP due to reduced economic activity.

activity was also declining which impacted GDP growth significantly.

issue was the disruption in oil production which reduced domestic output.

point was the over reliance on service industry. Services contributed 61.1% of
GDP in 2016 which might be dangerous for an economy if that industry faces
recession. Diversifying the sectors can reduce the risk.

was declining. Its contribution to GDP fell from 26% in 2015 to 20% in 2016.•The
period witnessed GDP growth from 39.57 billion USD to 47.81 billion USD.

policy interest rate increased from 13.5% to 16%.

we could conclude that it is the combination of Expansionary Fiscal policy and
Tight Monetary policy where impact is dominated by Expansionary Fiscal Policy.

expansionary fiscal policy was due to increased Government spending due to
grants and investment.•GDP
reduced from 47.81 billion USD to 42.69 billion USD

interest rate surged from 16% to 25.5%

is the net effect of Tight Fiscal and Monetary policy where impact is mainly
due to monetary policy

intervened and ordered Bank of Ghana not to finance any activity

to rising debt, the Government postponed few of its investment plans and
reduced its spending.

last 3 years, the Government has been promising restoration of energy supply
and new hydrocarbon oil wells, but have failed to deliver. So, if this is
achieved Government could improve the oil output which is one of the major
contributor to GDP

oil and Gas field never runs continuously as it constantly faces some or the
other technical issues. Hence, it’s of utmost importance for the Government to
resolve them.

‘Made in Ghana’ policy announced in 2016 has not yet gained momentum. Policies
are passed but the Government lacks in its implementation. Hence, focus on its
implementation and effective use of National Entrepreneurship and Innovation
Plan (NEIP) which promotes “One District, One Factory” is very important.

reforms in agriculture sector is must which can increase the output, generate
jobs and thereby GDP.

•BoG has
slowly started financing which is a good move, but the process needs to be

to negative sentiment, Government needs to affirm that economy is going to
improve in future by improving oil and agriculture infrastructure. Thereafter,
slowly Government could reduce the policy interest rates.

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