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·        FAQ:

1.      What is the accuracy and authenticity of your data?

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We strive hard to maintain our quality of data. The accuracy and authenticity are thus excellent, ranging anywhere from 92% to 95%.


2.      Once I make the payment, how soon can you deliver the data?

We promise to deliver you the requested data on a real-time basis. If there are any issues pertaining to this issue post-payment, we request you to get in touch with our 27×7 online team immediately.


3.      In case I am not satisfied with the data, do you provide a replacement?

Yes, we do offer a replacement on a real-time basis. In this case, we request you to get in touch with our 27×7 online team.


4.      Is sales support available after work hours?

We work 24×7 from Monday to Friday and are active on our chat portal during these times. If not or if you’re contacting on a weekend, kindly drop an email to


5.      How can we trust you?

We are a deliver-registered company with the Tax ID    . Over the last 5 years, we have dealt with many multinational firms across the globe and have exceeded their expectations each time. Our clients have loved our enthusiasm and deliverance speed and we are sure you will too!


6.      Do you provide any other data apart from that related to B2B?

Sorry, we are only concerned with B2B industries and provide data related to the same.


7.      What other services do you provide?

Apart from data deliverance, we also specialize in other services pertaining to lead generation and database services.


8.      Why should we purchase data from you?

As a reputed B2B company, we work hard on prompt delivery and have a 92% to 95% accuracy ratio. We also provide a replacement in case of non-satisfaction and provide pricing that is best in the industry.




9.      Do you offer a pay-as-you-go policy?

Sorry, we do not offer this option to buyers. However, if you wish you could pay premiums for your data (this offer is bound by a contract of minimum 6 months and other T). Kindly speak to our team for more clarification.


10.  Do you provide opt-in leads?

Yes, we do, however, it could be as per your requirements. Kindly speak to an expert for more details about this.

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