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·      Requirements identification, design/development of simple to complex Integration mapping, resolving design/development issues, and interacting with business and infrastructure support partners.

·      Understand the business needs and designs programs and systems that match the complex business requirements and involved in tracking all the specifications that are involved in the development and coding process.

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·      Design Informatica based customized ETL solutions to support the creation of databases, table spaces, tables, indexes, triggers, procedures, and other database objects.

·      Creative problem-solving and root cause analysis skills. Ability to manage multiple projects and shifting priorities in a fast-paced environment.

·      Implement changes and provide post-implementation user support and system support.Work with project teams to refine business requirements that produce well-designed and developed solutions.

·      Provide dev, test, and production support (Break fix) by troubleshooting and fixing mapping/application issues

·      Partner with other IT teams to deliver department and company initiatives 

·      Participate in all facets of projects, including planning, design, requirements, documentation, construction and implementation

·      Help identify issues and suggest ways to help correct or tune performance issues

·      Lead sessions with junior developers to ensure the proper understanding is achieved, including cheduling knowledge transfer sessions, answering questions as needed and offering technical solution guidance

·      Maintaining thorough understanding of business processes and ETL processes, and identifying efficiencies and needed controls to fine-tune ETL operation

·      Supporting validation and testing of developed workflows and business intelligence system integration testing

·      Support the design, development, and implementation of data architecture for historical reporting and analysis. Defines the content and structure of the database (schema) and advises users on efficient techniques for extracting data

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