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William Bill Bernbach
continued his life between August 13, 1911 and October 2, 1982.


He started to work for the
text editor and it was spoken with success until this day.

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It created great power with
creative and extraordinary themes of the 1960 -1970s.


Humorous slogans and a creative
perspective are due to the passion of philosophy.


So the ads made by William
Bernbach are usually simplicity and humor.


Revolutionized the “think
small” campaign. 


Think small advertising ;
There were big cars in America in 1951 but With the motto of think small,
Volkswagen cars succeeded in America.


This ad is the best example
for William s player language and joke.


The distinguishing
characteristic of William from other advertisers is that it is not ordinary.



Has a feature that does not
fit the rules and has always attracted attention with this feature.


He has simple and simple


William’s ad success is has
persuasion skill and believed that this skill was an art.


Williams most important
inspiration is poetry.


David Ogilv


·       David Ogily continued his life between 1911-1999.


David’s first job is cooking a restaurant and he did a lot of
different works before advertising.


He learned a lot of information about advertising while doing
his cookery profession.


Dove soap made the world’s most know and sold soap by David


David brought the advertising industry pleasure, quality and


David cares about research ad and discipline.


He believe that advertising is not creative as long as the ad
is not sold.


According to David : If a product does not promise anything,
you can not sell the ad because it’s funny.


David believes in statistics and researcher.


Uses a simple and clear language in his ads.



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