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·       Introduction:

ABEA is one of the world’s leading fitness and health organizations owned
and operated by ASDA Group, a main retail association in the Middle East and
UK. We have over 50,000 members in 30 clubs in 30 locations across the UAE.

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offer world class facilities including; best in class equipment, a unique
programmes, cardio, strength and freestyle areas, internationally professional
trainers, free group classes and other  membership privileges.

fitness club has started out in the UK as an originated branch, for over the
last 15 years our fitness chain has grown over 100 clubs in the middle east
specially in more than 10 countries worldwide, our purpose is so clear: we are
professional trainers and leaders who wants to inspire as many as lives of
people to change by letting them achieve their ideal bodies that they dream of,
while having fun where people of any age, background, and fitness level feel
welcome. A place where you feel like a home away from home, because you will
meet friends and new people who share the same interest and goals as you do and
there you transform your lifestyle forever, across the world we align 10,000
members of staff under this purpose.

know that the biggest issues people face when joining to fitness clubs are time
and motivation, so we are inspiring people to achieving their goals in such a
way that suits their lifestyle, preferences, and fits their increasingly busy
life. We breathe life into this for our individuals through fitness
logic, imaginative fitness items, an upgraded club condition, an emphasis on
administration and ability, and the advancement of an associated wellness

image conviction is that wellness gives you the certainty, vitality and
self-conviction to go assist throughout everyday life.

targeted customer is from the age of 18 and above and there is no such a
specific demographic.

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